PSCB - Customization PowerTeacher (Start Page)


This customization adds the following items to the PowerTeacher start page.

• Column Headings
• Class Term
• Class Enrollment
• Class Attendance Summary


PSCB Development Team
Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

Version Info

1.0 (2019-10-27)
- Initial Release

Powerschool Compatible Versions

12.x, 19.x

Additional Plugin Requirement

Collapsed Student Menu

Is your student menu too big for your users? Does it show several sections that they don't even need? Do you have pages in the custompages area that are a pain to get to? Collapsed Student Menu might be for you.

PSCB - Custom Reports (Contacts) 1.2


This bundle includes 5 Contacts reports.

Contacts - Duplicates
(View Duplicate Contacts list.)

Contacts - Phone Number Search
(Search all contact phone numbers for a partial or complete phone number match.)

Contacts - Students List
(Lists contacts information and associated students. )

Students - Contacts Access List
(View a list of students whose contacts have/have not accessed their accounts for a selected date range. )

PSCB - Custom Public Portal 2.5

This plugin will provide an alternative option to the Enhanced Parent Portal plugin currently available on PowerData Solutions.

The customization is compatible with Powerschool versions 19.x and 20.4. Integration with the PowerTeacher Pro grade book is also supported.

Installation of the PSCB - Base Resources v3.0 plugin is required.
Download the PSCB - Custom Public Portal (Overview/Instructions) document for installation guidance.

The Plugin does not include:

PSCB - Customization (Student Dashboard)


This plugin is a variation of the very popular Counselor Dashboard previously published on PowerSource by Jason Springel.

This version includes modifications based on the enhancement requests submitted by current PSCB users.

The Student Dashboard contains 10 individual sections.

PSCB - Custom Reports (Transportation)


The bundle includes one Transportation report.

The Student Transportation List report contains the following data elements.

Student Number
Grade Level
Service Type
Bus Number
Start Date

Filters and a drop-down menu are provided for each column.
Buttons are provided for Copy Data, Export CSV File and Make Current Student Selection.


PSCB - Customization (Attendance / Enrollment)


The Customization adds an Attendance / Enrollment link to the left navigation menu on the Start Page.

The custom page includes:

An Attendance / Enrollment Data report for the Current Date ( Default) or Selected Date ( Filter Option).

    Enrollment Summary
    Students Enrolled Exited
    School - Daily Attendance Totals
    School - Daily Attendance Summary by Code
    Daily Attendance List
    Meeting Attendance List


PSCB - Customization (Student Log Entry Summary)


This customization adds an Administration: Log Entry Summary link to the student navigation menu.

The page is an extension of the Enhanced Log Entries Screen v4.1 plugin previously published by Jason Springel. PSCB thanks Jason for his permission to publish this supplementary version.

The Log Entry Summary page includes the following:

PSCB - Custom Reports (Incidents)


This plugin is an update to earlier versions created by Michael Moore and Jason Treadwell.

The bundle includes 11 incidents reports organized into two categories.

Note: All reports restrict access based on the Incident Type permissions set in Group Security.


PSCB - Customization PT Pro (Reports)


This PT Pro bundle includes 1 custom report.

Attendance Today

Note: These pages are designed for use with current year classes only.


PSCB Development Team
Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

Other Contributors
PSCB thanks Romy Backus for her contribution to this project. The PSCB Attendance Today Report is modeled on the previously published PowerTeacher Attendance Today plugin.


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