Logo in Object Reports

In an object report, is there way that the logo (picture) can be placed on a report so that the logo of the school would print if the report is printed from the school? If the picture was named by the schoolid could the picture be pulled if printed from that school. We have multiple schools with different logo. It would be great to print one report rather than create one for each school.

David Zwingel

Adding Pictures to Reports
Use the picture object to add teacher or student photos, or to add an image, such as a school logo. Teacher and student photos are maintained as part of the teacher's or student's records. You upload a photo on the teacher's or student's information page. Then when you create an object report, you configure a picture object to display the photo for each teacher or student on your report. If no photo is found, the report will not print the object.

You can also upload your own images to use on object reports, such as a school logo. Your images must be in .jpg format.

Images and photos are stored on your server, but they are not part of your PowerSchool data set so they are not included in a data pump that you might use for backup or migration to another server. However, any image you upload is available to anyone with access to build object reports on your server. The uploaded images appear in the Picture menu when creating a picture object.

For future reference, to upload an image to PowerSchool so that you and other users can add it to object reports:

From the main menu, click System Reports
On the Setup tab of the Reports page, click Pictures
Browse for and select the image you want to upload to PowerSchool
On the Pictures page, click Submit

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