PSCB - Custom Reports (Misc)


This bundle includes 6 Misc reports.

    Activity Membership List.
    Age Report
    Birthday List
    Mailing List - School
    Phone Number Search
    Student Alert List


PSCB Development Team
Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

PowerData Solutions Contributors
Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Tim Scoff
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik
Dean Dahlvang

Version Info

1.2 (2018-05-24)
- Initial Release

1.3 (2019-07-19)
- Added student number to the report results.
- A ~[cust.insertion_point:pscb.misc] was added to the Misc Reports menu (PSCB_misc.html). This provides users with a method to add links for their own custom misc reports to the Misc menu.
– The mailing list reports can now search for the "youngest' or "oldest" child in the household.

Powerschool Compatible Versions

10.x, 11.x, 12.x

Additional Plugin Requirement

The following PSCB plugins should be installed prior to the installation of this reports bundle.

PSCB - Base Resources
PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page)


Install in System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration

Do not unzip the plugin. Install the entire zip file. Be sure to enable the plugin once it's installed.

If you are updating, you can now click on the Plugin name and then use the Update button, and then browse to the new file and click Submit and it will then load the update and then ask you to enable it.


Select a school and go to the Powerschool start page.
Click on the PSCB Custom Reports link on the left navigation menu.
Click on the Misc link to access the Misc Reports menu.

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 


So is PSCB replacing the CRB? noticed that all the crb categories seem to be moving over to this.

Hopefully this will provide some clarification.

a) The CRB customizations will still be available for download from PDS.

b) If CRB is not installed, I would suggest the user download and enable the PSCB plugins. PSCB is a collection of newly developed pages, reports and updates/enhancements to most of the CRB customizations.

c) If CRB is installed, the user can also install the PSCB plugins. The PSCB setup is completely independent of CRB. PSCB uses a separate navigation link and home page for the report bundles. Once PSCB is installed, the user can decide which customizations they want to use moving forward.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

I have installed the base and the custom report home page and I have installed enrollment, incidents and PowerSchduler plug ins. However, only the enrollment report shows up when I click on the PSCB link on the left menu. Help please.

The location of each plugin link is listed in the description of the PSCB customization.

The Students Incidents Summary link is on the student navigation menu.

The PowerScheduler PSCB Reports link is on the the PowerScheduler start page menu.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Would it be possible to add gender, race, and ethnicity to this so that it can be used for CRDC?


Peggy Medema

I have found that the Phone Number Search screen only returns the correct value when only the last 4 digits are entered. When the whole phone number is entered, either with our without hyphens, No search values are found.
Is this a known issue with this report?

Enter the phone number(s) only - no spaces, hyphens, or other characters.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Does the phone number search pull from all phone number fields in PS or just the home phone number?

The report searches all student custom fields where the field name contains "phone".

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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