Upgrade vs Customization


We updated our Powerschool to the latest version 19.11; however, now some admin users are not able to log into PowerSchool. PowerSchool informed me it was because the customization was enabled. When disabling the customization, all users are able to log into PowerSchool. PowerSchool also told me that the support team does not govern over support with this issue. Please advise if anyone experience or have guidance on this situation. I need my customization to be enabled for various day to day workflow.

We had a similar symptom and this was PowerSchool's response and once we enabled SSL we were able to log in.
PowerSchool requires that you enable Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on your PowerSchool SIS server to ensure all data passed between your server and end users/PowerSchool Technical Support remains secure and private. For more information on implementing TLS/SSL, see Knowledgebase article 8476 available on PowerSource

Note: the new "FIND ME" feature does not work for us due to customizations

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