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Location Dates Presenters you might Recognize
PSUG-MiddleEast (POSTPONED) 03/11/2020 - 03/13/2020 Romy Backus
Roger Sprik
PSUG-MidWest (POSTPONED) 03/16/2020 - 03/18/2020 Joe Miller
Jason Treadwell
Adam Larsen
PSUG Central States (POSTPONED) 04/06/2020 - 04/08/2020
PSUG-SouthEast (POSTPONED) 04/20/2020 - 04/22/2020 Joe Miller
Jason Treadwell
Adam Larsen
IPSUG-Indiana 06/17/2020 - 06/18/2020 Adam Larsen
Lorenzo Lopez
Shannon Cochran
Jason Springel
PA-PSUG 06/23/2020 - 06/25/2020  
PSUG-National 07/27/2020 - 07/30/2020 Joe Miller

Jason Treadwell
Adam Larsen

Enhanced Search

NOTE: plugins have been removed until an update is available. The old versions can cause slowness from District Office for some districts. When a new version is ready that version will be available for download and it should be even better. Thanks! If you have installed and are seeing slowness please uninstall until the new version is available

Over the years people have asked me for the extra search features I have on my test box. Now that we can use page fragments to add pieces in I'm a little more comfortable publishing these for everyone.

Computer Logic Group
Screen shot of the function list
Example of Enhanced Search home page

Custom Reports Bundle Base

The Custom Reports Bundle is a collection of custom html reports and dashboards for PowerSchool. The content in this bundle has been contributed by several members of the PowerSchool customization community.

Computer Logic Group
Custom Reports Bundle Setup tab

PTP Roster with Tracks report

A simple PowerTeacher Pro page that adds a new option in the reports charm for a roster report that contains tracks. This was a quick report made in the Putting It All Together class at the November 2020 Virtual PSUG class and would likely want to be extended to view more information.

This report also utilizes the css file from the PTP Cumulative Info Example. If you don't have that you'll only lose a little styling but the page will still work.

PTP Custom Log Pages

Adds a log entry screen to PowerTeacher Pro gradebook. After successful submission the teacher is directed to a list of log entries that they submitted about that student.

What's New in Version 2018.03.19
Can now edit own records.

The list page will only show a teacher logs where they are the author. Some extra detail does show up in the list which might be useful as followup information.

Change History
V 2020.11.10

PTP Cumulative Info Example

A simple PowerTeacher Pro page that adds the cumulative info screen to the Students jewel in the gradebook. Contains comments in the file for learning purposes. Used in the PTP customization classes at PSUG events.

What's New in Version 1.0.0
This is the initial publication of the custom cumulative info screen for PowerTeacher Pro. If you've taken a PTP customization class at a PSUG event this is the first page we go over and has notes commented throughout.

Print a Report Organizer Pro

Print a Report Organizer Pro will not be published as a PSCB Plugin. The author/developer has decided to release the plugin on a personal website.

If you want more information the contact email is:

PSCB Customizations - Development and Publishing Policy


All PSCB plugins are freely published on PowerData Solutions and PowerSource. There will never be a charge for any PSCB customization that is created during my tenure as project director for PSCB Development.

This a community site and will always remain one!

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

PSCB - Customization PowerTeacher (Class Attendance)

View PSCB Plugin Directory

Version 1.3


This plugin adds a student track column to the PowerTeacher and Sub class attendance pages.

This page fragment can easily be modified to display different or additional field values.

Example 1
To add the team field.

PSCB Plugin Directory

PSCB is developing a new PSCB Plugin Directory page to provide easier access to currently available PSCB plugins. The directory will list Plugin Name, Version Number and links for View and Download.

Click here of a preview of the page.


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