PSCB - Custom Reports (Logs)

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Version 1.4


This bundle includes 1 Log report.

    Log Entries Summary


PSCB Development Team
Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

PowerData Solutions Contributors
Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Tim Scoff
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik
Dean Dahlvang

PSCB - Custom Reports (Fees)

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Version 1.3


This bundle includes 5 Fees reports.

    Fees Balances
    Fees List
    Fees Report
    Fees Transactions List
    Fees Transactions Report


PSCB Development Team
Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

PSCB - Custom Reports (Enrollment)

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Version 1.7


This bundle includes 16 school/district enrollment reports.

Enrollment Summary Reports

    Enrollment - Current Date
    Enrollment - Homeroom
    Enrollment - Monthly
    Enrollment - Next Year Projection
    Enrollment - Selected Date
    Enrollment - Selected Date (FTE)
    Enrollment - Student Historical Summary
    Enrollment - Team

Enrollment Search Reports

PSCB - Custom Reports (Attendance)

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Version 2.9


This bundle includes 23 attendance reports organized into 4 categories.

Daily Attendance

    Daily Attendance - Audit Changes
    Daily Attendance - Consecutive Days Absent
    Daily Attendance - Count / Points
    Daily Attendance - Current Date Summary
    Daily Attendance - Selected Date / Date Range
    Daily Attendance - Search by Frequency

Meeting Attendance

PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page)

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PSCB Custom Pages and Reports

PSCB Custom Pages and Reports is a collection of newly developed pages, reports and updates/enhancements to plugins previously posted on PowerSource and PowerData Solutions.

PSCB - Custom Reports (PowerScheduler)

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Version 3.4


This bundle includes 27 PowerScheduler reports organized into 2 categories.

There are a couple core reports that are included but were enhanced by adding sorting capabilities. Some reports are updates to previously published PDS reports. Numerous new PSCB reports are also included.

Pre Build Reports

PSCB - Base Resources

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Version 3.6.1

This is a resource package that contains various scripts and images that are used in all PSCB customization and report plugins.

Standard PSCB Report Format

Print Log Report Button

During the Putting it All Together class at PSUG-NorthEast 2017 an idea was worked on to allow users to click a button next to the log entry they wanted to print a report for. As you may know the log reports search page does not include a way to search for a specific log entry by student or log id. The resulting page fragment is generic enough to work for other types of records as well but the plugin includes an updated log list page with a button that will trigger the process. The idea and some of the code came from Monett R-1

Dynamic Dropdown Plugin

For years I've been using my own small customization to add drop down control to pages. I used it for cities, states, salutations, etc. After my list grew too large I customized it again to more manageable and a single page. This plugin attempts to do a very similar task to Dean's customization from 2008 (yeah, 2008, I checked). It adds a single link on the district menu to a page that helps manage your drop downs. What's more, you can enter in drop downs that already exist and they'll show up as well.

What's New

The initial screen for the customization
Initially only Drop Down Types is available
List of drop downs being managed
All managed drop downs appear in the master drop down list
Example of a managed list

Custom Reports Bundle Scheduling

This plugin will add the scheduling reports to the custom reports bundle base. Note: the base plugin will need to be installed before you will see these reports automatically appear.

What's New in Version 4.1.6
Student course request had 2 issues. The demographic section wouldn't print due to a PowerSchool default stylesheet. That has been overridden so it now prints. The sort order was not working properly. It now sorts as requested.

EastConn schools


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