PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page)

PSCB Custom Pages and Reports

PSCB Custom Pages and Reports is a collection of newly developed pages, reports and updates/enhancements to plugins previously posted on PowerSource and PowerData Solutions.

This ongoing project is the result of the collaborative efforts of Rob Staats, Manjit Basra and Michael Moore. Each member of the PSCB Development team has 15+ years of experience in developing PowerSchool custom pages and reports.

A special thank you is extended to the PDS contributors for their efforts in establishing PowerData Solutions as a depository for the PowerSchool customizations. PDS contributors include Jason Treadwell, Brent Johnson, Brian Andle, Tim Scoff, Matt Freund, Roger Sprik and Dean Dahlvang.

PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page)


This plugin installs the following PSCB components.

    (1) A folder entitled Reports_PSCB which houses all the PSCB Custom Report files.

    (2) A PSCB Home Page which displays links to the menu page of each report bundle.
    Note: When a PSCB Custom Reports bundle is installed, a menu link for that bundle is added to the Home Page.

    (3) A PSCB Custom Reports link to the left navigation menu on the PowerSchool start page.

    (4) Home page links to school-based preference pages for Daily Attendance Codes, Meeting Attendance Codes and Grade Reporting Terms. The preferences for are used in various PSCB reports.

Version Info

1.1 (2018-05-23)
- Initial Release

Powerschool Compatible Versions

10.x, 11.x, 12.x


Install in System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration

Do not unzip the plugin. Install the entire zip file. Be sure to enable the plugin once it's installed.

If you are updating, you can now click on the Plugin name and then use the Update button, and then browse to the new file and click Submit and it will then load the update and then ask you to enable it.


Select a school and go to the Powerschool start page.
Click on the PSCB Custom Reports link on the left navigation menu.

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 
Report Type: 
Web Based Report


We are new to PowerSchool this year. Can the developers post a chart that shows us mere mortals which old plugs can be removed and which new PSCB Plug-Ins Replace the old plug-in? The old Plug-In names start with "Custom Reports Bundle"; Attendance, Grading, Misc, Transpoortation, Base.

I would love love to see this as well.. thanks so much

I would love love to see this as well.. thanks so much

Please refer to the previous posting - PSCB vs CRB.

I have installed the plugin and enabled, but do not see the link on the homepage. Suggestions?

I need to change the F's in this report to E's. I went into custom page management and changed them however it is not changing in the report? The title is displaying the change however the dropdown is not changing? I have totally closed my browser and it is still wrong

The next update to this report will include a filter option for the user to select the low grade(s) they want included in the report.

So am I not able to update/change the grades in custom screens?

A PSCB Custom Reports (Grading) update is scheduled to be released on 7/22/18. Several grading reports will include a Dropdown menu allowing the user to select the grade(s) they want to include in the report results.

This new feature will allow you to choose the “E” grade.

I am not able to get the Custom Reports to show up in the side bar. I followed the steps exactly. Any tips or tricks for this to show up?

Did you install the following PSCB Plugins. They are required for all PSCB Custom Reports Bundles.

PSCB - Base Resources
PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page)

I did. Is there a particular order of installation?

After installing and enabling the both plugins (Order does not matter) the PSCB Custom Reports link should appear on the Start Page left navigation menu.

I've done this and it still won't show.

I have customizations that add links to the left menu as well, and when someone has issues it's usually related to an old custom admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt file in the wildcards folder missing the necessary coding to make a page fragment happen. If you have that file customized, you'll need to update it or make sure your custom version contains the insertion point coding.

Thanks for the info! I do see in the following in wildcards folder for PSCB_Reports and found this on the original page: built in file '/wildcards/admin_nav_menu_left_css.PSCB_Reports.leftnav.footer.txt' is not available.
Would this be my issue? If so, How do I correct this? I'm only 3 months in this position but I'm willing to learn!

The file you referenced is what's called the page fragment. It'll only work if it's in the /wildcards folder in CPM and the page it's trying to add to - /wildcards/admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt - has the insertion point coding for the page fragment to work. So check to see if the /wildcards/admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt file itself has been customized. If so, compare it to the builtin version and add the insertion point coding div that appears toward the bottom of the builtin version to your custom version.

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