PSCB - Custom Reports (Logs)


This bundle includes 2 Logs reports.

    Discipline Log Entries Summary
    Log Entries Summary (Non Discpline)


PSCB Development Team
Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

PowerData Solutions Contributors
Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Tim Scoff
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik
Dean Dahlvang

Version Info

1.0 (2018-05-24)
- Initial Release

Powerschool Compatible Versions

10.x, 11.x, 12.x

Additional Plugin Requirement

The following PSCB plugins should be installed prior to the installation of this reports bundle.

PSCB - Base Resources
PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page)


Install in System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration

Do not unzip the plugin. Install the entire zip file. Be sure to enable the plugin once it's installed.

If you are updating, you can now click on the Plugin name and then use the Update button, and then browse to the new file and click Submit and it will then load the update and then ask you to enable it.


Select a school and go to the Powerschool start page.
Click on the PSCB Custom Reports link on the left navigation menu.
Click on the Log Entries link to access the Log Entries Reports menu.

PS Verions

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Web Based Report


Hello, I've installed the log entries report. the non-discipline report works great and shows the log entries. The discipline log entries summary does not show any data. Thoughts?
thank you!

The Discipline Log Entries Summary report has been hard coded to display only log entries that were created using the log type "Discipline". This is the default log type included in PowerSchool. All other log types are excluded from this report.

The Log Entries Summary (Non Discpline) report will display all log type entries other than "Discipline".

Thank you, I understand. The Discipline Log entries report is not showing data and we have many Discipline log entries. The Non Discipline is working correctly but I am not getting any data from the Discipline log entries report.

I've seen something like that happen with other discipline log reports and it usually has to do with bad data in the log table, especially dates. For example, one user may have entered Aug 1, 2018, in one of the date fields vs 8/1/2018 or whatever format is allowed. Some of the date entry points are actually text fields and will allow bad date, and then the report won't work because it runs into the date formatting issue. The only way to know for sure is to export the data from your Log table and check over the data the report is looking at - look for bad dates or things such as spaces before or after a date.

You can also check the system logs area of PS and look for ORA- errors if the report is using tlist_sql to output the results. Any ORA-, which are Oracle errors, will get logged and you can sometimes tell from them what the issue may be.

Thanks Matt, I did an export and the dates look good. I can't see any Oracle errors in the system logs. Any other ideas?

Make sure you're checking dates for all the discipline records in the log table and not just ones within a certain date range. Might not be a bad idea to export other pieces of data that the report is suppose to return to see if there's anything that could be an issue. For example, if the report is suppose to export the log entry text part, there could be something in a record, such as a special character, causing an issue.

Otherwise, if you're familiar with tlist_sql, you could modify the sql in the report to see if you get data with a barebones where statement and then add more criteria from the original where back in to see if something breaks it.

OK, thanks Matt.

I ran into the same issue that non-discipline logs showed fine but discipline logs did not show up. I was wondering if you have solved it.

Katie EunJeong Kim
Admissions Coordinator
Daegu International School
22, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu,
Daegu, Korea, 41021
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I have the same issue...can see everything but Discipline Logs...I have other log reports but I liked the "link" to the log. We use a date picker so I don't think it's the date. So is it set to pull log type #(-100000) for Discipline?

None of my schools are able to use this report. Because VA has a ton of its own state fields, we have chosen to hide many of these fields, so they are not filled in any more. The only field that I would need to trigger the record would be the LogType of Discipline. I'm not sure if you have it set to look at other fields, too.

Jennifer Bocrie
Goochland County Schools
Goochland, VA

The Discipline Log Entries Summary report will only display discipline log entries (log type #(-100000).

The Log Entries Summary (Non Discipline) report provides a menu of other available log types. You will only see log types that have been marked as accessible for your security group. The report will display log entries for the selected non-discipline log type.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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