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Version 2.6


This plugin will provide an alternative option to the Enhanced Parent Portal plugin currently available on PowerData Solutions.

The customization is compatible with Powerschool versions 19.x and 20.4. Integration with the PowerTeacher Pro grade book is also supported.

Installation of the PSCB - Base Resources v3.0 plugin is required.
Download the PSCB - Custom Public Portal (Overview/Instructions) document for installation guidance.

The Plugin does not include:

Demographics Update version
Sched_AllowRequests field option
Language Translations

PSCB Development Team

Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

PDS Contributors

A special thank you is extended to all previous PDS contributors for their efforts in creating the original Enhanced Parent Portal plugin.

Brian Andle
Jason Treadwell
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik

Version Info

2.0 (2019-08-12)
- Initial Release

2.1 (2019-09-21)
- The wildcard file: pscb_pp_init.txt was removed from the plugin. The wildcard file is already included with the PSCB - Base Resources plugin, which is a required installation for the PSCB - Custom Public Portal.

2.2 (2019-10-16)
Added the missing closing tag "[/if#1]" to the class assignments file.

2.3 (2020-01-29)
- Total earned credits now display correctly when credit has been assigned to multiple store codes for the course.
- Previous/Next buttons have bee added to the student Weekly Schedule page.
- The Contacts option was removed form the First page per day menu on the CPP Settings Page.

2.4 (2020-06-05)
- Added Student Report Card
The plugin includes a CPP Report Card Preferences page. School based preferences can be set for the following.

2.5 (2020-06-10)
-Corrected an issue with certain store codes not displaying properly on the student report card.

2.6 (2020-09-10)
- Historical Grades page now displays stored grades that were manually entered without course number.
- Student Track added to Attendance History, MySchedule and Transportation pages.

District / School Information
Student Information
Daily Attendance Information
Course Grades / Attendance Information
Teacher Comments
Honor Roll Status

- Updated Next Year Schedule page.
The plugin includes a CPP Next Year Schedule Settings page. School based settings can be set for the following.

Next Year Schedule Source
PowerScheduler or Schedule Commit

Next Year Schedule Display Elements
Course Number
Section Number
Course Name
Enroll Date
Exit Date

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 
Report Type: 
Web Based Report


I have them selected to be disabled but I can still see them. I just updated to make sure I was on the most current version and still no luck.

The Custom Public Portal student report card is currently being updated to include the new features recently added to the Admin side student report card.

The teacher comments issue will be addressed in the next release, scheduled for Mid-November.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

That's great to hear!
Would it be possible to turn off just Standards and not Grading? Our K-5 uses Standards and Parent's can always see them. But we don't want to turn Grading off, because 6-8 need to look at assignments. Might not be possible, but I figure it never hurts to ask!

The Hide/Show options are school based. They can not be set for specific grades levels.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

We are currently using version 1.0 and went to update the Custom Public Portal to the current version and got the following error:

Errors were found during plugin installation.

Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/guardian/bulletin2.html
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/guardian/honorroll.html

Any suggestions?

Delete v1.0 and install PSCB - Custom Public Portal v2.6.

If you still get the error message, you will need to use CPM to first delete the files then install v2.6.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

I have installed plugin, stored grades, enabled the report card, but do not see report card in parent portal. What else can I do to view the report card? Thank you

For each school:

Navigate to School / Parent Student Access.
Click on the CCP Settings Tab.
Confirm that the Report Card option is Enabled (On).
Click on Enter CPP Report Card preferences.
Enter the Report Card preferences you want.

Also confirm that you have also installed the PSCB - Base Resources plugin.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

I have installed the Custom Portal and set it up at my high school to Edit for course requests. When I enable the setting, my Class Registration icon disappears. I have read the earlier comments and verified that EPP is not installed. I also went into PowerScheduler and verified that Registration is enabled for the student/parent portal and that it is pointing to the active build. Could there be another setting preventing this from displaying?

Jay Grossman
Saline Area Schools

We have introduced DP and DA this year for Distance Learning Present and Distance Learning Absent. These are in addition to the default present and traditional absent codes. On the Public Portal though DP is being counted as absent in the Historical Attendance tab. It is not in any of the in school attendance reports though, just on the Public Portal. How can I fix that? Thank you!

Jeanne Corcoran
South Orangetown School District

If the DP code is counting as an absence, that would indicate that an Attendance Conversion value was not entered for the new code.

Navigate to: Start Page > School Setup > Attendance Conversions

Confirm that the Attendance Code Values have been defined correctly.

When completed run Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data function.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development


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