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NOTE: plugins have been removed until an update is available. The old versions can cause slowness from District Office for some districts. When a new version is ready that version will be available for download and it should be even better. Thanks! If you have installed and are seeing slowness please uninstall until the new version is available

Over the years people have asked me for the extra search features I have on my test box. Now that we can use page fragments to add pieces in I'm a little more comfortable publishing these for everyone.

Enhanced Search adds in some drop downs to the home page allowing your users to search by some frequently used fields. It also adds in a "View Function List" option that works much like the "View Field List" link except that it displays the different search options for your users (ex: *birthday=today). This list may not include everything so feel free to let me know if there are any missing.

You may install this as a plugin or unzip and install in the custom/web_root.

Change History
V 1.0.0 - Released 2014-03-12

  • Initial Release

V 1.0.1 - Released 2014-04-17

  • Add Activities search

V 1.0.2 - Released 2014-04-17

  • Activities only show the correct ones for each school. Fixed issue where district office only showed district wide activities.

V 2.0.0 - Released 2015-04-14

  • Updated for PowerSchool 8. Converted during a class at PSUG-MI 2014.
Computer Logic Group


Jason Treadwell

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 
Screen shot of the function list
Example of Enhanced Search home page


Badass! Thank you Jason! :)

Quick question. I applied this customization and like it a lot. I have an out of district reportable "School" and when I select that school it brings up three kids who are supposedly enrolled at another school. So i looked at their transfer info and they are listed as OODNR, and then did a quick export on them and found (After searching through the html) that their School ID and Enrollment School ID dont match. Enrollment school id is not proper for those three kids. I can fix it, but I want to know how we got to the point where they were mismatched? Any ideas?

I had to create that little "alert" for a school that uses a separate fake school for students who apply and then moves them into the real one once they've been accepted. They were having a lot of issues with students not having the correct settings. They utilized the Student Field Value function to change the schoolid once a student was enrolled but never changed the enrollment_Schoolid. Once they knew they had to the issue decreased but still happened on occasion. So this little "alert" lets them know if they forgot something.

I did tell them they should drop the student then move to the real school and re-enroll but they didn't want that hassle for the new students and they didn't want the re-enrollment record for the time spent in the application school.

Perhaps this is your problem too? Maybe someone used student field value or DDA to change one schoolid and not the other.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

We had the same issue when we started a Year round building along with the regular one - found the enrollment school id did not get changed - and just an FYI - The Enrollment summary report runs on enrollment school ID not student schoolid - figured that out when their numbers were all off - This red alert really helps.

Margaret Hopkins

Hi Jason, you should ask Brian Andell for the amazing page he wrote for us at PSU a few years back. We use a "fake" school to register all our students. And we wanted to move them to their assigned school without creating an enrollment record for our "REG" school. We didn't want "REG" school on their enrollment record. Poor Brian got stuck with me one evening at open lab at PSU. In 2 hours Brian created a "Move From Reg School" page that transfers the students to their correct school without creating another enrollment record. His page prompts for the targett school and year. Then it changes the schoolid, the enrollment_schoolid, changes dropdowns for the FTEid to the correct FTE for the target school and year, changes the dropdowns for the grade levels to the grade levels available at the target school. It allows updating of the entrycode, the enroll_status and the entrydate. So it cleanly moves the student to the target school. VERY cool. I think this enhancement could be useful to districts who use a fake school to register students. Perhaps you could persuade him to share it. If he can't put his hands on the code, I can send it to you.

Love the enhanced search. Is there a way to add a dropdown that selects by activity.

So you could just select, band, track, etc.



This is a great idea. I'm going to check and if it's possible I'll add it. Since PowerSchool changed where activities are stored I just want to double check before giving you a definite yes.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

The customization has been updated with the activities search added in. Thanks for the great idea.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

How would I go about removing unused items like "Team" or "Stored Searches" (this one is already on screen.)

For some reason, stored searched are all returning 0 results when using the dropdown from this enhancment. If we run stored searches using the normal method, they work fine.

I think there is an error in the code of home.enhancedsearch.content.footer.txt. I changed the storedsearch tlist sql to also include the ID of the store search and then updated the drop down:

select Gen.id, Gen.Name src
from Gen
where Gen.Cat = 'storedsearch'
order by src asc

I have successfully installed the plugin. However, I don't see any of the enhanced features. When I look in CPM, the custom pages don't share there. Do I need to install the plugin and add the custom pages to CPM?

This may sound like a weird question but did you click the enable plugin after installing it and answer yes to the 'use of custom ' window.

Margaret Hopkins

I have installed the plugin, but the only part that shows up is the Red Enrollment error. I don't get any of the search options.

Valorie Branstool
Systems & Database Administrator
Yukon Public Schools
Yukon, OK 73099

Great job on this, Jason. Looking forward to that PS 8 version.

benjamin solomon
district technology director
a.w.brown-fellowship leadership academy
dallas, tx 75237

Does this customization work on PS 8 yet?

I just tried on 8.0.0 and it does not work.

It would be nice to have this extended search pane display or not display sort of like the little triangle buttons (hide/display).

Dave Brubaker

Hello Jason I am at the PSUG NJ conference and uploaded this plug in. I had an older version and got this Errors were found during plugin installation.

Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/admin/fields/functionlist_yui.html
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/admin/home.enhancedsearch.content.footer.txt
So I deleted them from CPM and installed the plug in and it is still not showing up. please help!

Hi Jason. Love this customization. Is it possible to make it so that the checkboxes are cumulative? For instance, you want to look for in a certain activity or certain age but also only those in 8th grade.

Hi Jason,

The Stored Searches are still coming up blank when I run them from the Enhanced Search screen (for PowerSchool 7). Everything else works great!!

I've been using one form or another of the functionlist_yui.html page for some time. With our upgrade to version to 8.3, it seems any additional function searches I've added in our environment don't behave properly. For example, I've added this to the file (used for tracking attendance threshold letters, looks like I can't post all of the html on PDS):

href="javascript:ads('~(gpv.inf)','*attendance_points(S1)>=5;5dayletter=','~(gpv.op)');">5 Day Absences

Clicking on the link on the functionlist_yui.html successfully copies the search over to Search Students but the search just returns all students. If I copy the search and delete and re-add the equal sign at the end, then it searches correctly. Thoughts?

I just installed this to test on my test server. Everything is working great except for the Pre-Enrolled Students drop down. I have 2 pre-enrolled students on my test server but the drop down shows 3 identical 16-17 in the drop down. No matter which one I click it shows the same 2 students. I am just wondering why there are 3 listed?

We are on PowerSchool 10 and when I installed the updated plugin (2.0.0) it installed and worked just fine. The problem is that is slowed PowerSchool down so much that it was almost non-functional. It would be a great resource to us to have that enhanced search feature (especially love the teams and the activities!) for our system, but I have had to remove it. Is there a newer version coming out or has this been an issue since PS has been updated to 9.0 and higher? Please help--we would love to utilize this!

JoLynne Reppond, M.S.
Nixa A+/PowerSchool/Core Data
Nixa High School

Hi Jason, Same question as above, is there a new version coming out soon? Our schools miss the items in this plug in, but the issue of slowness over rode any feature we loved.

Donna Mayhue
Buncombe County Schools

Was the download for this removed or am I blind?

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