PSCB Customizations - Development and Publishing Policy


All PSCB plugins are freely published on PowerData Solutions and PowerSource. There will never be a charge for any PSCB customization that is created during my tenure as project director for PSCB Development.

This a community site and will always remain one!

Rob Staats
PSCB Development


Thanks Rob! You have made a tremendous contribution to the PowerSchool community with the creation of these PSCB Reports and Customizations.
Our North Dakota schools LOVE them!

Thanks you for the kind comments. Very much appreciated!

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Thank you!

Thank you for this!

Dulce Perez

Thank so much for all of these customizations - Can I suggest in the directory listing (I noticed you did add date of change with the last on 2/13 - could a column be added with the highest version of PS the plugin is compatible - i am going through all of the customizations to update the excel file of what is available - what we have installed and have to look into each one (VIew) button -scroll down to see what version PS it is compatible - then sometimes Lie on the Custom Reports (contacts) it will show 20.x, 19.x then further down where the download link if it states 20.4 - Then I will check the last version date and since it is 2021-01-31 I assume that 20.x (or 20.11) is compatible.
So should we just use the date of the last version of Custom and it it is after a certain version of PS we can assume it is compatible.

Margaret Hopkins

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