Collapsed Student Menu

Is your student menu too big for your users? Does it show several sections that they don't even need? Do you have pages in the custompages area that are a pain to get to? Collapsed Student Menu might be for you.

This customization alters your student menu (PS Version 8.0 and later) to turn the section headers into collapsible boxes. Once altered each user will see all the sections collapsed the first time they go to a student. However once they expand sections that they use it'll remember their settings so that every time they log in it'll show them just the sections they want to see in the same way they left it when they were last in a student record.

This customization also moves the custompages menu into the main menu in its own collapsible region so that your users no longer have to go to that other section just for custom pages.

I built this for me but I hope you find it useful too.

**Note: If you've customized the /admin/students/more2.html menu you might not have luck with this customization. I recommend only altering that method using the page fragment method. However if you are up to date and follow the same patterns as the uncustomized menu you might be ok.

Change History
V 1.0.2 - Released 2016-10-19

  • Fix issue that sometimes occurs when all regions are collapsed

V 1.0.0 - Released 2015-07-27

  • Initial Release


Jason Treadwell

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With 9.1 I am getting a scroll bar at the bottom.

Valorie Branstool
Systems & Database Administrator
Yukon Public Schools
Yukon, OK 73099

I love this but I also get a scroll bar at the bottom. I'm on 9.2.2

I love this but I also get a scroll bar at the bottom. I'm on 9.2.2

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