If you know of a conference that is missing, please e-mail so we can add it.


Conference Location Dates
PSUG Middle East & Africa 2022 Duncrest American School
Dubai, UAE
03/02/2022 - 03/04/2022
2022 National PSUG Event - WEST Las Vegas, NV 03/21/2022 - 03/24/2022
2022 Colorado PSUG Conference Colorado Springs, CO 03/31/2022
2022 Central States PowerSchool Users Conference Manhattan, KS 04/11/2022 - 4/13/2022
2022 Southeast PSUG Event Myrtle Beach, SC 05/08/2022 - 05/11/2022
2022 National PSUG Event EAST Orlando, FL 11/06/2022 - 11/11/2022
2022 Midwest PSUG Event Michigan City, IN Dates To Be Determined


Conference Location Dates
2021 April PSUG Virtual Academy Worldwide, MI 05/19/2021 - 05/22/2021
2021 National PSUG Event - WEST Las Vegas, NV 07/25/2021 - 07/29/2021
2021 ACME PSUG Event Detroit, MI 09/26/2021 - 09/29/2021
2021 Fall PSUG Virtual Academy Worldwide, MI 10/04/2021 - 10/04/2021
2021 National PSUG Event - EAST Orlando, FL 11/14/2021 - 11/18/2021
2021 North Dakota PSUG West Fargo, ND 11/16/2021 – 11/17/2021


Conference Location Dates
2020 Inaugural PSUG Virtual Academy Worldwide, MI 06/22/2020 - 06/24/2020
2020 September PSUG Virtual Academy Worldwide, MI 09/28/2020 - 09/30/2020
2020 November PSUG Virtual Academy Worldwide, MI 11/09/2020 - 11/11/2020


Jason- I had to leave the room when you showed the code for this. Could you post that or email me the code you used to dynamically create the Stored Searches Dropdown on the start page?

I am looking for a custom report that displays students with specific number of consecutive days absent. Does this exist.


There is a consecutive absences report in the Reports Bundle.

There is a report in PowerSchool already, called Consecutive Absences Report. Just go to Reports > Run Reports> and look under the attendance reports. It works pretty well for us.

The PSUG conference for 2013 is pointing to the 2012 conference web site.

Bob Owens
Vergennes, VT

Thanks. I had a link for the 2013 conference but it points to a software Joe is not going to end up using so I left the old link up. I see 2013 on the psugmi site so I'll use that.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Jason, I received this error when installing Attendance Today, we are on the newest version of Powerschool. What do I do now? Thanks Ginger Hughes
Errors were found during plugin installation.

Plugin file contains an unrecognized file: admin/attendance/att_change_daily.html

Anyone know when registration will be open?

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