Copy Calendar

Copy Calendar allows you to copy the calendar to your currently selected school from another of your choosing.

v2 7/9/2012 PS 7 Release
v2a 7/10/2012 Fixed missing code that cause changes not be saved.


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Thank you for this. It's such a time saver.

Are there any instructions with copy calendar? I don't know what to do with the files.

How do we implement this file in PowerSchool?

Are the files just dropped into the root or where do they go? Thanks.

Scott Mayo

Did you ever figure this out? This had disappeared from both my test and live server for some reason so I had to reapply it. Just follow the path of the extracted files. I did not REPLACE the home.html screen but just added the reference to the calendar copy

Copy Calendar
Copy calendar setup from source school to current school. Includes Auto-Fill Day feature.


Just what I was looking for, thank you :)

My old calcopy didn't work, but this version does. Whew! Love this.

Any help with Instructions on the installation of this Zip folder for copying the calender?? Thanks

Thank you for updating it so it would work in 8.0. After 5 years of copying the calendar into 15 schools I was afraid I'd have to set them up individually when my old calcopy version refused to work. Thanks again.

I've created a plugin version of this, where do I send it?

Hello... Have you uploaded the plugin for this? If not, I would would be most grateful if you could send a copy? lattwood(at) Thanks so much!!

Laurie Attwood
SIS / Data Manager

This is a great tool and saves me a ton of time. It would be great if there was a plugin version that used page fragments so the School Setup page was not permanently changed.

Right now I just manually type in the url to get to the page, and I leave my School Setup page stock.

If someone has made a newer version and is willing to share I'd like to see it as well: rgage at

Still a great customization, I use it every year.

Robin Gage
NW Arctic School District
Kotzebue, Alaska

Hi. If there is a new plugin for calendar copy I would love to get it too. I used the PowerDataSolutions version successfully last year but this year I can't get the source school to fill in so something is different with 9.02. Thanks for sharing - I'm at

Did anyone ever get a link to the plugin for this.

I am new to this and installed my first plug in today! Then I stumbled on this customization that I would love to have, but this doesn't appear to be a plug in so I am at a loss as to how to implement it.

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