Custom Reports Update

Hello. First of all, let me mention that I have to had much experience at all with the Custom Reports. These were installed several years ago (pre-date me taking this job). The ones that were installed were:
Custom Reports Bundle - Attendance
Custom Reports Bundle - Enrollment
Custom Reports Bundle - Fees

I was asked by one of the ladies that use this to update the plugins because she felt it wasn't working correctly and they'd like to be able to compare attendance numbers with what the state is reporting (we are in the process of connecting to state with Ed-Fi).

My question is basically this, are the updates to these reports now named:
PSCB - Custom Reports (Attendance)
PSCB - Custom Reports (Enrolment)
PSCB - Custom Reports (Fees)

I updated just three of these before leaving for the weekend, but she didn't think it looked link in the left panel.
Do I need to load something else in addition to these? Something else entirely? Or is there some kind of initial setup that needs to happen?

I did not load the Base Resources plugin. I have seen that I need to while typing this message. Maybe that will take care of it, but I would still like to know for sure that the PSCB versions are the correct ones and that I am not missing anything.

Thank you for any insight you can give.

I followed directions and installed several PSCBs beginning with Base Resources through Custom Reports (System Admin).
But the PSCB Custom Reports is not listed on my PowerSchool under Reports. What did I miss?

Nevermind; I just had to Enable my customization. Except; I know we shut this down a few years ago, for a reason. We don't remember what the problem was, so we have to be "on guard". deby elliott

Deby Elliott


It looks like this report was renamed to Class - Grades Search. Is that correct. Were there any other changes?

Gloria Ormsby

Name change only.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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