Fusion Charts


Had this going, but was Flash dependent. Now trying to use Javascript so it will work on all browsers. I can get the chart to run, but not sure how to get the chart to run for each student in a group. Previous code ~[RepeatForEach: Students] doesn't seem to be working or I don't have it the right place. Pretty much in over my head, but thought I'd ask. Snippet of code:





Attendance 17-18 for: ~(first_name) ~(last_name)

3 Day

Parent/Guardian of:
~(first_name) ~(last_name)

~(mailing_city), ~(mailing_state) ~(mailing_zip)

var myChart = new FusionCharts( "/flash/Bar3d.swf",
"myChartId", "55%", "200", "1" );
var pageseperator =' ';



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