Meeting Attendance Count /Points "Date Range"

Hello All,

We had been using the Meeting Attendance Count/Points reports successfully for our 1st Semester, but only if we selected the "19-20" term. The reason is that being a CareerTech, we have to create a separate attendance "course" for each of our programs (Welding, Nursing, etc.). We currently have the attendance course running for a full school year so as to not confuse teachers by having a S1 attendance course and a S2 attendance course. So, when we hit 2nd Semester (we reset attendance points at the winter break, students can have 10 unexcused attendance points per semester) it continues to add the points from the start of school.

I think a fix for this would be to have a "Meeting Attendance Count/Points - Date Range" report that would combine the Count/Points and the Date Range meeting attendance custom reports. Instead of only being able to select the term in Count/Points, you could select a Start Date and End Date, and have the Count/Points totaled up for each student during that set of dates. I think it would be a great addition to the already wonderful attendance reports available.


Excellent suggestion. This request has been added to the PSCB enhancement list. The next update of the Attendance reports bundle is scheduled for March.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Thank You!

That enhancement request sounds exactly like what I'm searching for! I'll watch for the release.

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