Plug-in Auto Assign Teacher ID

When creating new staff in PowerSchool you are required to assign an ID number. The included replacement page will auto assign a number based ID. The page uses SQL to determine what the next valid id number should be.
Version History:

*Thanks to Brian Andle for create this, I have just updated it
V 4 (10/28/2013)
• Updated for PS 7.9 (By Iron County School District)
• Made in to a Page Fragment
• Made in to a Plug-in (PowerSource Doc_ID 66105)


Jeff Smith

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Wait. Why bother? That PS teacher ID is required, but not required to be unique. The old functionality was that if a teacher was in two buildings, s/he had the same id, even though she had two logins. These days, with the state requiring teacher ID numbers, just put the state_teacher_number in that slot.

I agree that we should be using State # for staff (and students) but that is not always possible. With this custom it keeps from having duplicates, I was never one that used the same # for 2 accounts.


It is very ambigious as which file to install for auto assign teacher id. I never add this one as Personnel always did it manually. Right now, I will put this to action on my testing enviroment. We are using now. there are two different folders to download (Auto Assign Teacher ID or Plug-in Auto Assign Teacher ID) which one will it be? Our teacher id will be after 813100. In the sql, where should I add '813100' into WHERE instr(translate(TeacherNumber,abcdef,'XXXXXXX'),'X') = 0]~(id)[/tlist_sql]; what will be add in 'abcd' or in 'xxxx' and 'x'. I am confused with it. Your guide will be helpful.

Ron Bye


if you are using the old web-root you will use the Auto Assign Teacher ID

But if you are using CPM (Custom Page Management) you should use the Plug-in Auto Assign Teacher ID. This one is easy to install and easy to update, turn off and is how I am doing all my customization's now.

As far as the Teacher ID, it just finds the highest ID you currently have and adds +1 so if you want your id's to start with 813100 then what I would do is just add a staff member with that number then turn on this customization and the next teacher ID will be 813101

Hope this helps

Can anyone help me with custumizing the transportation page? I am needing to add some fields.

Concha Cecenas
PowerSchool Administrator
Monett R-1 School District

Does anyone have the student attendance range report? My tabs are all in white, and I have no clue how to change them back to blue :( Help please :(

Concha Cecenas
PowerSchool Administrator
Monett R-1 School District

Is there a way to have this go in an look for teacher IDs that do not follow the auto-generated ID pattern and assign an ID to them? Problem I have is that some of my PS_TeacherNumbers match a PS_StudentNumber in my Lunch POS the student record keeps getting over written by the teacher record and vise versa.

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