PowerScheduler Mass Enroll Dependent Sections

This customization adds the ability to enroll students in the dependent sections for a section when adding a course.section to a group of students using the Schedule Mass Enroll function in PowerScheduler. In order to enroll students in the dependent sections with the Schedule Mass Enroll page you will need to use the course.section option on the page. To help find this information a search box has been added. Entering part of a Course Name, Teacher Name or even Course Number will find the available sections and automatically fill in the course.section field.

For me and my district this means I no longer need to wait till I commit the schedule, perform EOY before finishing my schedule because of PowerScheduler's lack of ability to use dependent sections.


Brian Andle

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Brian, where do we add this? Thanks

The zip file has the folder structure of where the files go.

I see the folder structure and got as far as locating them on PT Admin but not sure how to bring in the new files. I tried Import/Export but it said I didn't have credentials or something like that. We are hosted by Pearson.

Make sure that you are in District Office before clicking the Import/Export button.

And again, I thank you for all the work you do and share with others!

I added this and it seemed to work but it doesn't show up under the Matrix in PowerSchedule, shouldn't it?

Forget it, I got it to work. Thanks so much Brian for doing this.

Kathy Stainbrook
Computer Technician Student Information Manager
Centerville-Abington Community Schools
115 West South Street
Centerville, IN 47330
Phone: 765-855-3475 Ext 2193
Fax: 765-855-3815

We do not use CPM. I copied the 3 files to the custom>web_root>admin>powerschedule>functions folder. Do I need to restart the servers to see this since I do not see it under Scheduling Functions in PowerScheduler? We are on an array.

I am super excited. I only wish I had discovered this before now.

Samantha Mimbs
Data Coordinator
Monroe County Schools
Forsyth, Georgia

Does this work for the Load Process as well as the mass enroll function, or only for the Mass Enroll Function

Hi Brian,
I held off on using this last year, as I had already gone through the tedious task of setting up section types in PowerScheduler (which did work, but yuck!). My question for you is do you still need to set up course requests or can you jump straight into mass enroll without the student have requests?

Carol Cornell
District Data Administrator
Lynbrook Public Schools, Lynbrook NY

Are course requests still necessary if you are using the Schedule Mass Enroll feature?

Carol Cornell
District Data Administrator
Lynbrook Public Schools, Lynbrook NY

I have tried using this on our test server and each time I receive an error that mass enroll failed and dependant secetions not applied for the current students.
I have tried with and without a request for the course in the request tab.
At what point do we use this - before or after running the load.
I would assume that we do not have the request for the courses that we want to be schedule with this .... run the load to schedule other courses - then use this ??

Any advise - Otherwise I had better hurry up and start entering a whole lot of Section link constraints

Margaret Hopkins

I'm getting the same error. Were you able to find a resolution?

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