PowerSchool 7.6

We are currently testing this new version, we did not even get 7.5x up yet. We were quite excited with the enhancements to storing of grades. That is working perfectly so far.
However, I have noticed that our highly valued sqlReports has lost its accordion abilities. It closes and stays closed!
It was working great on our Test with 7.2x, but is failing now upon update to 7.6
Has anyone else experienced this?

We just updated tonight and now I get an apache error upon trying to load the sqledit page. We cant edit or create new reports at this point!!!

New Britain Schools

Accordion issue is still a problem with the release last night on custom sql reports page at this point, but at least sql reports edit page is now working.

New Britain Schools

I just applied a quick fix to get the reports back- change the div id from accordian to box-round on the customsql page, and at least you will get your reports back for now!

New Britain Schools

Thanks for the info Jeff, I will give that one a go. We have not officially rolled out the new verison of the sqlReports that comes with the Custom Report Bundle, and are using just the sqlReports as a stand alone enhancement. This older version works fine for now with the the fix .

Thanks Jeff, that worked great! I almost like it better than having to pull down the accordion tab everytime :)

Kathy Romeyn
Byron Center Public Schools

Just updated our Test server to 7.6.1. The custom reports package doesn't seem to work. Pretty much just a white page.
This is what we see:
Loading Reports...
Custom Report Settings

Links open in new tab: OFF Use Dynamic or Static Report Bundle Menu: Dynamic
Rescan Reports

Found my issue. The scripts weren't loaded to our image server.


If you really love your accordians (I do because I have so many reports) you can do the following:

change the div class="accordian" to "box-round" as was mentioned above.
next, change the <h3> tag (below the accordian tag) to read <h2 class="toggle collapsed">

That'll bring back the accordians.

--Great Doubt is the Beginning of Great Enlightenment

I wish I just read tvreeland's post a half an hour ago, as I just went and applied an accordion workaround tp get them collapsed again. We have a section for development, so we like those reports not in plain sight.

Anyways, I changed the tag to

all categories start collapsed-

would have them all open up but be collapsable for those liking them opened.

New Britain Schools

I forget that pasting html in a filtered html input box wipes out the html code from showing!!

<h2 class="toggle collapsed"><a href="#">~(catname;t)</a></h2>

<h2 class="toggle expanded"><a href="#">~(catname;t)</a></h2>

New Britain Schools

LOL. Apparently I didn't notice that my HTML disappeared too... :(

--Great Doubt is the Beginning of Great Enlightenment


What file are you changing to get the accordions back? I am looking for div class="Accordion" and can't find anything. Please help.


Kevin G. Harrison
Data Manager
Bedford County Public Schools

It's under Admin>Reports, file name customsqlreports.html


We're brand new to powerschool, just starting to roll it out to school in our district. We installed the custom report bundle, but none of the content, reports or dashboard widgets, are available to us. We are using 7.2.2


I am trying to find a report that provides the last date the teacher updated/entered grades.

Laurie Tremble

Does anyone else have a problem with sqlReports not displaying the results in PS anymore since 7.8 updated?

Have you been able to resolve this issue? Does installing the latest bundle do the trick? I just upgraded to 7.9.3 and now all custom SQL reports give results similar to the following:

~ (1) ~ (2) ~ (3) ~ (4) ~ (5) ~ (6) ~ (7) ~ (8) ~ (9) ~ (10) ~ (11) ~ (12)

No data results besides the above.


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