PowerSchool - FireFox compatibility alert

I typically run the beta track of FireFox on my Mac. While working on Power Data Solutions Locker Management customization I noticed that FireFox 14 (currently in beta) and PowerSchool versions prior to 7.2 experience a specific jQuery issue. Functions that use jQuery Ajax don't work correctly. Examples of this function are Change School, Daily Bulletin modal popup and other Ajax related functions.

Some of the PDS that would also be affected are:

One Stop Attendance
Report Bundle


Hi Brian,
We (District 128, Libertyville High School & Vernon Hills High School) are using the PDS Locker Management customization. Recently I exported all of my locker records to Excel and I noticed that I have a few duplicate locker assignments in the data base. How can I delete those duplicate records?
Nancy Hornung
Data Processing, LHS

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