PSCB - Base Resources and Home Page (Required Plugins)

REMINDER: The following plugins should be installed prior to installing any of the PSCB Custom Reports bundles.

PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page) 2.0

This plugin provides the following resources for all PSCB custom reports.

- PSCB Custom Reports link on the Start Page left navigation window.
- Master PSCB Reports menu with links to all report categories.

PSCB - Base Resources 2.4

This plugin provides the following resources for all PSCB customizations and reports.

- Report Title
- Report Filters
- Report Results
- Total Records Count
- Multi-Column Sorting
- Report Legend
- Report Generation Date
- HTML 5 Buttons (Copy Data - Export CSV File - Export PDF File - Make Current Student Selection)


My PSCB Base Resource is 2.1. Do I have to uninstall this plugin before updating to 2.4?
Do I have to update all my PSCB reports as well?


You do not need to delete the 2.1 version first. The latest version of the PSCB Base Resources plugin is 3.0.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Thank you for your quick response. I promised my schools I could make next year schedules available to parents/students, but apparently I was wrong....I can't do it without a customization. Do I disable first? (I guess these instructions are in with the file)..
and once I update this base resource plugin, I can install the latest Enhanced Parent Portal?


Yes you can install the PSCB - Custom Public Portal 2.3 plug-in after updating the Base Resources.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Thank You for your quick response.


I just upgrade to the new PS20 latest version. I am trying to reinstall all PSCB plugins due to mine being out of date. I enable the plugin and I see no link for the PSCB Reports on my pages. Tried refreshing and nothing. Is it not compatible with V20?


Confirm the following:

You have installed and enabled the PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page) v2.0 plugin.

You do not have a customized version of the home.html file in the web_root/admin/students folder.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Hello! I have upgraded to the PSCB-Custom Reports (_home page) 2.0 and Base Resources 3.0. I followed the instructions but also do not have the link on the left of my home screen. I went to my web_root/admin/students folder and the link is blue. That means it has been customized, correct? Not sure what to do here, I am very green to this portion of PS. I'm working on my test server first. Trying to upgrade our PSCB reports and customizations. We are using PS 20.4.

A blue link indicates file is customized. On you test server print the left navigation menu.

Install the PSCB plugins you want to use.
Navigate to CPM and delete the more2.html file.
The PSCB Custom Reports link show appear.

Also compare the new left nav menu to the old one to determine what links are missing.

The more2.html file should not be customized. If you want to add links to the left nav menu, it should be done using page fragments.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Have all the latest base and reports plugins. Everything works as advertised for admin roles. All other roles are not able to run reports where a submit button is required. If a report does not require the button, it runs successfully.

Any help for our non-admin users is greatly appreciated!


PowerSchool users need to have edit permissions for the page, in order to see the Submit button.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

I uninstalled the older version of PSCB - Base Resources and when I try to install v3.2, i get the following error.
Errors were found during plugin installation.
Error uploading: {0}
Error uploading: {0}

Kindly I need your help.


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