Seating Charts V 3.0.3

No longer needed for PowerSchool 7.2

UPDATED for PowerSchool 7 - 8/27/2011

Use v3.0.1 or higher for PowerSchool 7.

Seating Charts based on Flash. Not gradebook dependent, can be used by any PowerTeacher user. Thanks to for the flash object and their support of the PowerSchool user community. This is an advanced customization and relies on your ability to manipulate the PhotoFlag field in PowerSchool - NOTE: PhotoFlag manipulation is no longer required for 3.0.2+. Please read the documentation.

Version 1.1.0 adds a "shuffle" option.
Version 1.2.0 adds ability to view in PowerSub.
Version 2.0 is converted for Oracle.
Version 2.1 adds changes from 6.0 update as well as increases the number of rows created when using small image alpha placement.
Version 2.2 Updated all .xml files so that Grades K, PK3, PK4 now will work.
Version 2.3 Moves files out of flash folder to be compatible with Custom Page Management. Also incorporates teachers/home.html 6.1 patch
Version 3.0.1 Updated for PowerSchool 7. Can be imported in one step with CPM.
Version 3.0.2 Updated to see if a PSM_StudentPhoto record exists if not use photoflag. PS Photo Management no longer sets the photo flag. This looks for a record created during the photo import.
Version 3.0.3 Fixes issue with saving in IE 9.
Version 3.0.3a Fixes issue with saving in IE 8. Tested in IE 8,9 and FF.

PATCH (Only for customers on PowerSchool 6.x) - includes an updated teachers\SeatingChart.html that "should" fix the issue with the Seating Charts not saving in 6.2.

IMPORTANT: Customers on PowerSchool 6.x using Custom Page Management should use Version 2.3, which is also suitable for any PS6.x customer to use, even if they don't use CPM. All PowerSchool 7.x customers should use version 3.0.1 or higher.


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Hi, I am using PS 7.1.0 and installed the seating charts 3.0.3. The option is available in PT but student pictures are not being shown. Your documentation states that PhotoFlag manipulation is no longer required for 3.0.2+ so I did not check that. I would appreciate any ideas.

Below is a copy of an email I received from one of our teachers. Has anyone heard of this before, and if so can you point me in the right direction?

When I click on the seating chart function from my main screen on PowerTeacher (for 2nd and 3rd hour only), it says "Invalid XML data." Clicking the following buttons at the top also results in the same error message: Alphabetical, Clear Chart, Undo Changes, and Smaller Photos. When I click Shuffle, it says "No Data to Display."

This same thing happened in the fall, but was then fixed (maybe a PowerTeacher update or something?). For my 1st and 4th Hour classes, the seating charts function works perfectly. The students pictures appear, and I am able to use all of the buttons listed above.

There could be a student with a character in the name that JavaScript doesn't like. Look at the student names in that class.

Same as xvillafuerte. Help!

Since PowerTeacher now includes the seating chart, do I need to go to CPM and delete the custom seating chart pages?

You don't have to, but it would be good to clean up. Make sure to export a copy before you start to delete old files.

We have installed this customization and it does work. Our teachers are asking for the ability to record attendance on the seating chart (that option was there when we were on PowerSchool v6 with the now outdated seating chart customization).
Are there plans to add that functionality to this seating chart program?

This customization is now obsolete. PS 7.2+ includes a Seating Chart stock that allows you to take attendance from it.

Thanks Brian - I'll see if we can upgrade our PS version to 7.2+

I know there is now the PS supplied seating chart, but it is so SLOW for us for some reason and many teachers have asked about using the customized version this year. It appears you can no longer take attendance using the customized version, is that correct? If so, I guess they have to use the PS one but I wanted to find out if it was a problem just on our end.


The PDS version of the seating chart has never offered attendance. The PowerSource version does. The slow seating chart you are experiencing is due to IE 8 which is support but not certified by Pearson. Upgrade to a new version of IE, this may mean upgrading to Vista/Win 7, or use a different browser.

We are a couple of weeks away from upgrading to 7.2.x, but wanted to know if there was a solution to this issue.

One student is a blank card on a teacher's seating chart. No picture which is fine but no name as well. If you hover over the card when in the seating chart construction page, it appears but doesn't appear when viewing or printing. The student told the teacher that another teacher said that it was the same way last year. No other teachers have reported this issue.

His PhotoFlag value is correct.


Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan
PS Support
Saint Mary's College High School
Berkeley, CA

I'm a few months away for upradeing to 7.2 and teachers want the seating chart, which for some reason isn't working good this so I've uninstalled and was going to reinstall but don't want to if it's not working correctly???

Kathy Romeyn
Byron Center Public Schools

I've inherited a system that still has this customization installed. I'd like to remove it. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to go about it? Thanks.

I have removed all the fusioncharts but can not find where the Teachers/home is to remove it so when we login as a teacher to Power Teacher it still goes to the old custom teacher page with the fusion seating charts and not the new current page in power school 9.

HELP what do I do. Where do I find the Teacher/home page link I need to remove or what do I need to remove. We are in Version 9. I do not want to loose the few other customs I have by turning them all off.

Our system still has this customization installed. Our seating charts will only work in PowerTeacher if our customizations are turned off, but we need them on. Can someone tell me how to remove this customization. I'm hoping once it's removed, the seating chart in PowerTeacher will work. Thank you.

Sandra Insuasti

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