Student/Potential/Earned Credits Summary Report

I have questions regarding a certain report in the Grading category.
Report Name: Student Potential/Earned Credits Summary
Under Store Code – We show these choices from the drop down menu: All Store Codes, E1, E2, S1, and S2 for the choices. What are E1 and E2? We do not have those store codes with our grades in PowerSchool.
When we pull the report, it lists potential and earned credits for 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade and 12th Grade. Then in the final column, it lists Total Credit Hours, Potential and Earned. Where is this number pulling from? A 9th grader, for example, may show 24 earned credits in Total Credit Hours. This is not possible for a 9th grader at our high school. Is this pulling credits from middle school, in addition to the high school, or somewhere else?

I need more information to investigate this issue.

If you would like to schedule a Zoom conference to explore this issue, please send your contact info to
Upon receipt I will send you some possible dates.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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