Welcome Back To PDS

What do we have here? It looks like a functioning PowerDataSolutions website. We would like to thank everyone for their patience for what seems like forever and take this opportunity to welcome you back to PDS. You will now be able to create an account, sorry your old ones were lost, using the the login area on the left.

We will continue to work on adding features and customizations back into PDS. For now though you should be able to download our top customizations and successfully post comments you have to specific customizations.

Your friends at PowerDataSolutions


Glad to have you guys around.

do you have instructions on how to add custom screens to the Mass print dropdown list? Thanks

I'll working on adding that back.

Is it possible to add the standards screen off the quick lookup to the mass print? I found the students_screenselect file but didn't know if adding standardsgradesfromgradebook.html would work or not.

We missed you guys!

You guys are the best! Thanks for all your work on this, and all of the other PowerSchool needs!


I am so happy to find you again and being able to login again.

We just ended a quarter and our teachers were verifying grades. Our teachers are able to see their grades and verify through powerteacher. However, in admin we are not able to pull some of the grades up in the teacher schedule screen under "grades". It isn't happening to all of our teachers and not all subjects. Our past PowerSchool admin said to contact Power Data Solutions because this is where the customized screen came from. Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure that you have the newest version installed. There was a issue prior to version 5 RC1 that if there was breaks, hard returns in the comments that some pages wouldn't render correctly.

What is the newest version? Is it located on this website?

I was at the conference yesterday and can you please tell me where to find that to download?


On PDS it's actually called "One Stop Attendance". If you click the All Customizations link you'll see it in the list.

Is this the site that is supposed to have simple instructions for navigating through PS? If so please let me know where to look, if it is somewhere else can you give me the website?

Probably the best place for PowerSchool 101 is the website PowerSource:


Hey guys! When you have a chance to re-post the Custom Alert directions (for V7), that would be awesome. Thanks for all you do!

Jennifer Savage
District Student Data Coordinator
Monroe Township School District

Our district is also seeking the Custom Alert directions for V7! Jason, we will probably hit you with this request when you come to our Nebraska users group tomorrow! :)

Thanks for all the Version 7 additions!

Andrea Maupin
Bellevue Public Schools

I'm not sure where I got these reports, I thought it was from PDS, but it would have been quite some time ago.... I have an Activity Participants Grades and a PRE- Low Current Grades and PRE- Stored Grades report engine reports that our athletic dept uses for running eligibilty reports. They are giving errors now that we have updated to 7X. Are these from you guys? If so, do you know what I need to adjust to have them operate properly again?
Many thanks,

RE Reports are from Matt and you get newer versions from. http://freundconsulting.net/

I have yet to find a solution for tracking attendance for students enrolled in another building. The staff in the home building can't edit meeting attendance and the staff in the attending building can't see much of anything. Missouri uses Daily attendance therefore any students enrolled in other buildings must have a placeholder class to fill out their schedule so they receive a full day's worth of attendance. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?


I am new here. I have created an id, but I notice that all the forums look empty and I cannot post to them. Is there a way I can ask for help?

Thank you,

How do I subscribe or rss feed to updates to the site or certain areas?

This is a great site!

Thanks Sandy.

Look for the RSS icons at the bottom of the page(s).

Some great reports, helps me out allot.

I have one school that is still saying that grades verified from last quarter. We are needing to verify final grades for this quarter now and it won't let us. We have stored grades and the current final grade setup is correct. Can you help me? I know we need to upgrade but I am waiting until summer to do that. Our other school is fine, so I don't understand the issue. Thanks!

Please see the Process: section of the GradeVerificationReadMe.pdf file. There are fields you need to clear after each term.

Hi Brian, I'm posting this here because I'm not sure where else to post questions about your (magnificent) sqlReports add-on. Is there any way to change the font size used when you click PDF at the top of a rendered report? Thanks again for all you do.

School for Integrated Academics & Technologies

You can post question under the comments of the customization itself. I'll look into the forums being locked. The comments are easier for us, me at least, to monitor so I haven't done much with the forums.

I can't take credit for the sqlReports customization, that would be Dean Dahlvang. The PDF button however is something Brent and I added. I would need to investigate to see if it is possible to change the size of the font when you click the PDF button. I would imagine it is, but it's not something I know off he top of my head.

Our secretary accidently stored grades for Q4 before grade verifications. Now when teachers are trying to verify, some of them are having grades that are highlighted because a few of the grades are different than what is in their gradebook. What are teachers to do when this happens? Can they verify even with different grades? Should they just make sure the grades in blue are their correct grades? Thanks, Janet

Simply store again.

On a few of our teachers we have teachers who have verified and placed comments for students and I can see everything through PowerTeacher. However, on the admin side, when we look at the teacher schedule and click on grades we are not seeing the students, their grades, or their comments. The screen will pop up and say 20 students but does not list each individual student. This issue is only happening to a couple of teachers and a couple of classes for each teacher. Any advice? Thanks, Janet

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