Future Enrollments V2_2

With PowerSchool 5.2 the way Enroll Dates are determined for student’s classes has changed. By design when enrolling students in a class the first day that the class actually meets is the Enroll Date. Because of this the class counts show a 0 (zero) until the class actually starts. These sets of pages add the option to see the count of students in the class on any giving future day. The pages are also converted from tlist to SQL to help speed things up.

V 1.0 (08/14/2008)
- Initial release

V 1.1 (8/15/2008)
- Added classrosterfuture.html - Adds the ability to view the actual student as of the enroll date and to select them for the functions menu

V 1.2 (8/19/2008)
- Added teacher screen so they can see class enrollment.

V 1.3 (8/26/2008)
- Updated future enrollment screens to use s.id instead of s.dcid. In some cases the wrong students would be listed.

V1.4 (9/5/2008)
- Corrected issue with Attendance Taken not showing attendance taken.
- Replaced Student Functions button with “Make this the current selection of students” link
- Added ” Add these students to the current selection of students” link

V 1.5 (09/12/2008)
- Optimized sections/listsections.html and teacherschedules/sched.html pages from the verification version to dramatically speed up page loads. One example changed the load time from 27 seconds to 1.7 seconds!
- Fixed the link to classrosterfuture to use ID instead of DCID where called for in listsections.html and sched.html pages (all)
- Fixed link to teachers/tclassrosterfuture.html from teachers/menu.html

V 1.6 (1/13/2009)
- Fixed expression to show Friendly version instead of Raw version.

V 1.61 (3/26/2009)
- Fixed spelling issue on Teacher page.

V 2 (1/9/2012)
- Updated for PS 7.
- CPM Friendly Import.

V 2_1 (4/11/2012)
- Fixed forever loading issue.
- Updated class count logic to look at the current year vs current term.

V 2_2 (8/1/2012)
- Fixed make current selection on future class list page. Was using DCID instead of ID.


Brian Andle
Jason Treadwell

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 


So two things, first is with the listing of the sections for both by teacher and by section, we have classes that are semester and year long. If we are in the year long term(2100) and specify a date within the second semester, the only the year long classes display the future count. All second semester classes report 0. In the left outer join I changed termid in (~(curyearid)00,~(curtermid)) to termid LIKE '~(curyearid)__' and it provides the numbers for both the currently selected term and any subterms that includes the specified date. If any semester classes were listed the size would be 0 as expected since the date isn't valid for that term.

Additionally, with the Future Enrollments roster, the page is constantly loading. It looks like the script is hanging mainly because it's looking for a div with id/name of simpleView with regard to the sections version of the page. I haven't looked at the teacherschedule version but would expect similar.

Could those pages get updated to have the new mass enrollment features?

When using the make current student selection on a particular page I get unexpected students.

To reproduce:
teachers schedules -> select teacher name
set future date to first day of school or later and submit
Click on number of students in the column for the future enrollments as of the date set
click on Make Current student selection or Add current selection

results will be a selection of students not matching the students displayed in homeroom section.

I get some kids from the list but also students from another school.

If I go to teacher schedules, select the same teacher, click make all students listed above the current selection, I get the correct students in the selection.

Using future enrollments v2.1

-Dan Wynne

Should be fixed in 2.2.

It's working, thanks Brian

-Dan Wynne

The latest here is v2.2 and it's not a plugin. But I have a plugin versioned 5.0.2 installed on my server. Does anyone know from where we would have gotten 5.0.2? (I tried PowerSource Exchange.)

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