Final Grade Setup in Grading tab of CRB

I deleted the old base and added the new versions of the CRB on my test server running 9.2.1. The grading plug-in no longer has the "final grade setups" (view how teachers set up their gradebook final grades) report showing the grade setups within teacher sections in their Gradebook per term. I searched for something similar within PowerSource exchange, but only found a customization that would show all years and terms dates all on one page. Nice, but not what I'm looking for... Why was this omitted from CRB? Any chance getting that one back?
Thanks for your clarification, : )

This was probably the most useful report of all! I just installed the CRB at a school district I am helping, and this was a report I had mentioned to them.

Can I steal the old code from our district and port it to this district in CPM? They really, really need that report!

Johanna Johanson
Rio Rancho Public Schools

Never mind - it just took awhile for all the reports to appear on the tab! Whew!

Johanna Johanson
Rio Rancho Public Schools

Where can we change the default number of days that show on this report? Mine defaults to 20 days. I can change the number, but department supervisors cannot. They see a default value of 20 days and want to change it to 10 days.

Looks like that group only had view rights to the report. I gave them full access and they can change the days now.

Can this report be revised so it works with PTP Gradebook?

Or is there another report I can use to verify final grade setups for teachers in PTP?

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