Hopefully this will provide some clarification.

a) The CRB customizations will still be available for download from PDS.

b) If CRB is not installed, I would suggest the user download and enable the PSCB plugins. PSCB is a collection of newly developed pages, reports and updates/enhancements to most of the CRB customizations.

c) If CRB is installed, the user can also install the PSCB plugins. The PSCB setup is completely independent of CRB. PSCB uses a separate navigation link and home page for the report bundles. Once PSCB is installed, the user can decide which customizations they want to use moving forward.

The PSCB customizations have been fully tested and are certified to work with the latest versions of Powerschool.


I should probably already know, but what does PSCB stand for?

PSCB - PowerSchool Customization Bundle

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