Parent Portal Grades History

Is there anyway on the "Grades History" tab in the parent portal to include ALL stored grades, not just the current year?

Is it possible to add this type of report to the Parent Portal so they can see what the immunization status is for their child? I am being asked to include this as a part of the Enrollment/Registration process, and am concerned about the coding necessary to place the information in the Form, as opposed to making the Immunization record available in the Parent Portal...

Did anyone every figure out how to accomplish immunization data on the parent portal?

we need also in parent portal ALL stored grades, not only current year.
any news ?

Adding this table to a page (I am of the opinion that this should be a new page- and you could post a link to this page) will give you the Semester grades:

Course Name
Earned Credit

~[tlist_sql;Select Course_Number a, course_name b, to_char(Cast(substr(termID,1,2) as number) +1990)||'-'||to_char(Cast(substr(termID,1,2) as number)-9) c,
'Completed' Status, Percent,Grade, EarnedCrhrs d, absences e
from storedGrades a
where (storeCode like('S%') or (schoolID =~(curschoolid) and storecode not like('Q%')))
and studentID = ~(curstudid)
order by 1,2,3;]


My parents used to see Standards Grades History while in the Parent Portal. Now its only displaying subject area & standard -- no score. I am using the most recent EPP!!

I'm in the same boat as "walshd" the storecodes and grades columns do not show. Just the Subject area and standard name.

Naomi Doughty
SIS Coordinator

just subject area and standard name showing here too. No scores. Help?

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