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Does anyone have the instructions on how to add a Custom Alert for a Custom Field. We have students who are dual-enrolled at schools and we would like an Alert so the secretaries can pick them out quickly. In PowerSource it is mentioned in 2 or 3 places that the instructions are on PowerData Solutions but they don't seem to be on the updated PDS site. We are on PowerSchool 7.6.2 and I do my customizations through CPM

You're right, I need to re-write the directions. Hopefully soon.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Jason did you ever rewrite the custom alert directions? Do you have anything that talks about how to do it for the PowerTeacher page as well? I found something but I'm not sure it's the latest information. This was the information I found

Melissa Tront
St Joseph County ISD

Have the directions for how to add a custom alert been posted yet?

Tami C. Kunesh

Please, please, please. :)

benjamin solomon
district technology director
a.w.brown-fellowship leadership academy
dallas, tx 75237

I have a PDF document on how to create custom alerts if anyone would like them
Michelle Conger
PowerSchool Admin
Meridian School District
Meridian, Idaho

Yes please Michelle!

I would love to get that!

Michael Tiesworth
Technology Coordinator
Frankfort Elberta Area Schools

Yes, I would love directions on creating custom alerts. can you email them or make them available for download? (brian.brugger (at) eagelschools (dot) net


Sr. Systems Administrator | ECS Technology

would love that document. Could you email it to
Thanks so much

Would it be possible to provide a download link for those custom alert directions?

Sr. Systems Administrator | ECS Technology

Thanks to Michelle for sending the custom alerts document my way. I went ahead and posted this file to my personal website so others can download it. Please feel free to download from

Hopefully that is helpful to everyone.

Sr. Systems Administrator | ECS Technology

Sr. Systems Administrator | ECS Technology

Hi All,
Thanks for the document!!! I have created my custom alert and it's working....on the custom page only! I can figure out why it won't display on the other student pages. Has anyone had this issue? Any thoughts???
Thanks for any and all help!!!!

Shelley Wedel
Student Information Supervisor
Campbell Union School District

Thanks for the document!! I have created my custom alert and it displays...but it only displays on the custom page, not the other student pages. Anyone have any suggestions as to why? How to fix??

Shelley Wedel
Student Information Supervisor
Campbell Union School District I got the custom alert to show on all student pages. Now the problem is no matter where I click on any student page, the text box with the info for the custom alert shows up!! Basically the whole page is now a custom alert!

Shelley Wedel
Student Information Supervisor
Campbell Union School District

I love it. The only thing that it will not accept dollar sign symbol or the alert icon disappeared. Without ($), the alert icon appear. I wonder why the ($) will not accept. Any idea?

Ron Bye

I am trying to set up an alert for one of our parent/guardian forms. Parents sign up on our parent portal and then have 24 hours to pay for the activity that they sign up for. If they do not pay in that time period, they lose "their seat". I want to set an alert so that we know when the 24 hours is up. The report currently shows the time of sign up. Does anyone have a suggestion and/or has done this? Thanks for any thoughts you can share.

Marie Prescott

I am on PS 10.0.1 and am trying to create a custom alert. Does anyone know if there are directions for this? I have tried several sets of directions that have been posted on different locations for this and must be missing something or they no longer work with version 10.

I could use some help on this as well!

I could use help on this subject. Custom Alerts for Special Programs, not using the student table.


I need to create a couple of custom alerts. Has anyone found anything on this for PS 10.x?

Did you ever get anyone to answer you on this?

Heidi Robinson

Anyone have any directions for PS 10.x? Want to create a custom alert for students that are on a transfer approval to another school? I want to pull from a custom field.

Can someone send me the instructions on how to create a custom alert? I created one, but it is not completely working. I think I am missing a step somewhere. You can email them to

Thank you,

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