Adding Log entry fields to teacher page

Hello all,
I'm looking for some help to add the discipline log entry values from the admin side of powerschool to the teacher page. Currently the teacher page only has a subject line and text box to enter the discipline log and I want to add more to it.

I have been able to get the coding into the system, however when I select the drop downs that I want to add and select the info and submit they dont stick.

Could use some help. Any ideas?

I did create a plugin to do this which retains the email functionality when a Discipline entry is created. Which Log Types a teacher is allowed to enter (and view) are handled through Group Security, just like they are in the admin portal.

It includes a page for the teachers to view log entries for each student. By default it allows a Teacher to view all log entries of the log types for which they have permission. To adjust this would require modifying that viewing page. (NOTE: I have shared it with rvargas)

Would you be willing to share this plugin with me as well? I'm also looking to have more flexibility for adding log entries in the teacher portal.

Would you share this with me as well? Greatly appreciated!!!

Are you sharing this?

Lauren H Baker
Director of Information Technology
Two Rivers Supervisory Union
Ludlow, VT

Please help :)

Looking for solutions like this.

Would you share your plugin for customizing Teacher Log Entries in PTP? Thank you!

Can I get this too?

Please I'll take it!

How can I get it?

Can I get this? Or a link?

Could you share the link?

Are you still willing to share this?

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