PowerSchool 7.2

PowerSchool 7.2 has been released and includes/replaces several PDS customizations. Because of the changes to the Teacher portal there are several customizations that are not yet compatible with the new 7.2 features. Below is a list of customization that are no longer needed or are currently not compatible.

Seating Chart
Field Validator - When used with the Students and Teachers table

Not currently compatible
Class Attendance Enhancement V2_1
/teachers/home.html page included in Grade Verification

Important: When upgrading to PS 7.2 you will want to remove/rename the following custom pages if present:


Would it be possible to have some clearer directions on exactly how to accomplish the changes needed?
Not all of us are as CPM savvy and need a little more step by step instruction....

I just deleted these pages. Thanks Brian. My high school person just noticed a problem with the teacher schedules page, so this took care of that.

Jennifer Savage
District Student Data Coordinator
Monroe Township School District


I just upgraded to 7.2.1 and have been looking at the differences in the teachers/home.html page. I like the way the new attendance/seating chart page comes up, but miss the verification part. Do you know if there will be new verification pages coming out from PDS?



I agree, I know the "new" gradebook way seems good, but it doesn't give the teacher a way to see if grades changes have been made, if requested. It also doesn't show some mistakes, either. We still like the PDS way to verify grades.

Jennifer Bocrie
Goochland County Schools
Goochland, VA

I just upgrade from PS 6 to PS 7.2.1. I installed the bundle from PS 7, but only 3 of my grading reports are showing on the Custom Reports page- Gradebook Preferences, Graduation Statistic, and Honor Roll Students this year. What did I do wrong? I installed the bundle using data/custom/webroot folder

Do I also need to remove these Fusion Chart files?

Will Roundey

I have removed all the fusioncharts but can not find where the Teachers/home is to remove it so when we login as a teacher to Power Teacher it still goes to the old custom teacher page with the fusion seating charts and not the new current page in power school 9.

HELP what do I do. Where do I find the Teacher/home page link I need to remove. I do not want to loose the few other customs I have by turning them all off.

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