Custom Reports Bundle Grading

This plugin will add the grading reports to the custom reports bundle base. Note: the base plugin will need to be installed before you will see these reports automatically appear.

What's New in Version 4.1.1
Return of the export buttons. Also added some "make current selection of students" buttons when applicable.

How do I install a plugin?
Directions can be found here

Change History
V 4.2 - Released 2018-01-29

  • Updated several reports to use PGFinalGrades.LastGradeUpdated instead of CC.LastGradeUpdated

V 4.1.1 - Released 2015-07-27

  • Updated to work with CRB Base 4.1.4
  • Added the export buttons back in

V 4.0.1 - Released 2014-04-05

  • Fix for list class details report. Previously only showed students whose last name started with A if using the Stored Grades filter (gradebook filter did not have this problem)

V 4.0.0 - Released 2014-04-01

  • Initial public release of updated reports in plugin form
Computer Logic Group


Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Others I'm sure I'm forgetting
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Web Based Report
Custom Reports Bundle Grading tab (part 1)
Custom Reports Bundle Grading tab (part 2)
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Where is the link to download this plugin?


Please read the large bold note at the end that states that it's not there until I'm done updating.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

The link to the download has been added and the warning message has been removed. You should now be able to download the plugin.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

my bad, sorry

It looks like this report is still erroneously filtering for students with a last name starting with A:

AND s.Last_Name LIKE 'A%'

Is there a reason why this report would be designed to only look at the first letter of the alphabet?

Yes, the report was doing that because I had a filter when I ran the query on my test box that I forgot to remove when I put it in the page. It's fixed in 4.0.1.

You say "still", was this there before? This report was built by me for a specific customer who donated it back to the community and theirs doesn't have it so I'm curious if older versions had it as my original one (the one on the customer site) didn't. I tested all these queries before updating the pages so I figured I just pasted it back with the extra filter but it sounds from your comment that this was placed there previously too.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

I could have done it myself, but I prefer to use official versions of 3rd party customizations.

And yes, this exists in version 3.4.4 as well.

Just in case you are wondering. I have this package installed from a while back.
We never used that report and I definitely haven't customized it. I just checked and have the same filter in mine:
AND s.Last_Name LIKE 'A%'

Just wanted to let you know since you seemed curious. I will just remove that.
But it seems like a good idea to have for testing so that the query runs faster.


Melissa A Dubbs


When I installed the grades and grading reports I can only see 4 of them. I'm missing 24 which one of them is the one that I would like to use.

I turned off customization and turned it back on and the reports did not populate. Also run the Rebuild Custom Page Link in the special operations and nothing.

I changed from Static to Dynamic in the PDS setup and refresh the reports and guess what? Nothing changed.

Then report that I want is detailGradeInfo.html. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to fix this list of missing reports?



When I installed the grades and grading reports I can only see 4 of them. I'm missing 24 which one of them is the one that I would like to use.

I turned off customization and turned it back on and the reports did not populate. Also run the Rebuild Custom Page Link in the special operations and nothing.

I changed from Static to Dynamic in the PDS setup and refresh the reports and guess what? Nothing changed.

Then report that I want is detailGradeInfo.html. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to fix this list of missing reports?


I have installed the latest Custom Report Bundle and we are missing a report.
If you run Custom Reports in Static mode, you can see the Graduation Statistics report under Grading. However, when you switch to Dynamic mode, this report is gone. How can I get that link to show up in Dynamic mode?
Thanks, Elainna

Echoing the many thanks for your time & work in providing these reports! I use the Final Grade setup to quickly check that teachers have correct school-defined term weights. . . New version was recently installed and I've noticed that a few isolated sections/teachers are NOT showing on this report. For example, a faculty member has five S1 sections--only one shows up when I filter for S1 classes. Should I be looking for an error of some sort in the section setup details? Haven't found it yet. . .

Elizabeth Middleton
Notre Dame de Sion School

I tried to modify the percent grades report to show student numbers, and now the table is not loading after I uncheck the Pause button. It just stays saying "Searching for Results" no matter how long I wait. Here is what I did:

In the results table header section, I added <th>ID</th> between <th>&nbsp;</th> and <th>Student</th>

In the ~[tlist_sql section, in the first SELECT statement, I added s.Student_Number between s.grade_level and pgf.Grade

After the ~[tlist_sql section, in the table definition, I added <td>~(s.Student_Number;t)</td> between <td>~(count;-)</td> and <td><a href="/admin/students/home.html?frn=001~(sDCID;l)"

Did I miss something? Or is it possible that something about the file got screwed up because I edited it in Notepad?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there any documentation that explain these reports better that the on page description? What is the difference between List Class Detail and Percent Grades Report? What is the difference between the Grade Verification Report-Web and the Gradebook Verification Report - except that one allows you to select the term. Int eh Search by Grade & Attendance Report - What criteria needs to be entered to get results? How do you know which reports are pulling from Stored Grades and which ones are pulling from the gradebook?

Trying to run them all to see what type of results are returned, but some do not appear to "me" to be self explanatory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a way to utilize Meeting Attendance in this report instead of Daily Attendance?
Either way, running this report returns no results for our administration. Anything I can change would be a big help.

BethAnne Krupa

I have the latest plugin versions of CRB base and grading installed on v8.0.1. I ran the final grades setup report, filtering by 2014-15, Q1, selected department and results returned fine. I reran the report for a different selected department with same 2014-15 and Q1 filters. While waiting for results to return we started seeing Java errors. For example clicking on a student name in PowerSchool resulted in a long error message starting "Error executing freemarker template: backed by StudentAccessAccountsAdminAction: Expression accessLevel is undefined on line 4, column 20 in admin/students/accessaccounts.ftl.. ---------- ==> assignment: readOnly=(accessLevel < 2) [on line 4, column 1 in admin/students/accessaccounts.ftl] ---------- Expression accessLevel is undefined on line 4, column 20 in admin/students/accessaccounts.ftl. The problematic instruction: ---------- ==> assignment: readOnly=(accessLevel < 2) [on line 4, column 1 in admin/students/accessaccounts.ftl] ---------- Java backtrace for programmers: ---------- "

The system log showed the error below. Bug? or is something else going on?

DALX ATTENTION! Critical Error generated from MWCP_ParseResponse Description=java.sql.SQLException: Exception executing
CASE WHEN crs.Sched_Department is null THEN 'No Dept' ELSE crs.Sched_Department END sched_departmentid,
FROM Courses crs
INNER JOIN Sections sec
ON crs.Course_Number = sec.Course_Number AND
sec.ExcludeFromStoredGrades = 0
ON sec.TermID = t.ID AND
sec.SchoolID = t.SchoolID
WHERE sec.SchoolID = 123123
ORDER BY crs.Sched_Department with 0 parameters: ORA-00603: ORACLE server session terminated by fatal error
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17114], [0x0759FED48], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17114], [0x0759FED48], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17114], [0x0759FED48], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17114], [0x0759FED48], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17114], [0x0759FED48], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

We have discovered a few teachers are missing from the Gradebook Preferences report. They have ID's and are marked as teachers.

Any thoughts as to why they aren't appearing in the report? I've tested in both District and School Level. We looked at the code through SQL and have narrowed them down to the sync_teachermap. The teacherdcid does not appear in the sync_teachermap. In addition, one of the accounts associates the teacher with another teachers name which happens to have two accounts in two different middle schools.

I see this is an old post, but couldn't find anything else on this and no other response to melicans post. Not sure it this is a known issue with the Gradebook Preferences report or with PS.

We had the very same thing here. I thought there may have been a problem with the database synchronization (We had a user in one of our districts import in staff members, and probably didn't follow directions.). I put in a ticket with PowerSchool, where Tier 1 asked for the name of the report (which was provided) and "was the report created/implemented with the PowerSchool customization tool". I don't know if it was or not (Jason or Matt?).

Of note though on the missing teacher that is different than above: Ours did not associate the first teacher with another teacher, but with a single staff member who is not a teacher, and has a Staff entry with a single account at a different school.

Here's what I found:
1) Found the for the missing teacher.
2) Found the missing teacher's in the sync_teachermap table to find the sync_teachermap.teachersdcid.
3) Found the value of the sync_teachermap.teachersdcid in the dcid field in the teachers table, which was for an inactive Staff member, who on the Teacher tab is listed as a Staff member at a different school entirely.

The dcid value for the missing teacher was not in the sync_teachermap.teachersdcid field.

Out of curiosity, I tried to find the staff member that I traced it back to - using the same method above.
1) Found the of the "Staff" member.
2) Looked for the value of the in the sync_teachermap.teachersid field and found the teachersdcid.
3) Looked for the value of the sync_teachermap.teachersdcid in the teachers.dcid field. No teacher with the DCID value.

We're using the CRB_Grades_4_0_1, but the query is the same as what is in the CRB_Grades_4_1_1.

So, is there a problem with our one district's DB or has anyone else had a problem with the report?

Let me know!

I just installed this bundle and seem to be missing quite a few reports but especially the report that I am really after which is the Final Grades setup report. I am new to this so how do I go about getting this report?

Got it!!! Had to switch from District office to a school site. Now working on figuring out the filters. :)

This might be a silly question - but what are the red box outlines that show up around the names of some reports in the Custom Reports Bundles? It only shows up on a select few and I haven't been able to figure out why. Is this by design?

Bonita Coleman

This report Searches for D, F, or I grades in Teacher's current gradebook. How do I display an E letter grade?
Stephanie Gabriel

If you open a copy of the report file gradesreport.html in a text editor, you can add 'E' to the list of grades to show in one of the existing lists, or add an additional choice to the menu options and matching set of "if" statements. The key element in adding to the menu is choose an appropriate value for the menu item to be used down the page in the new "if" statements. It is not difficult to do, just copy and alter existing lines in the report.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

I've run a number of these reports for various schools in my district and get proper results. There is one school, however, that never generates any results for certain reports such as Final Grade Setups or Last Gradebook Update. Is this a CRB defect? Suggestions on troubleshooting? Running 4.0.1.

I have installed the Grade and Attendance bundle, and its amazingly useful for me :) Thank you very much for this huge effort!

Hiba Okar

We have ran the Gradebook vs Stored Grades report and have 96 pages of discrepancies. Can any one tell me where the 'Gradebook' column is pulling from? Reason I am asking is because when teachers log into their gradebooks and look at the final grade for the class it matches what is on the Stored Grades column. help!


This report ("Gradebook vs. Stored Grades") runs successfully. But, when I click a grade, and the window appears where you can edit the historical grade, when I press submit, I get a "Unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException" etc. page. I definitely have the requisite permissions to edit stored grades. I have tried rebooting the server, no change. This is PS Anyone else seen this?

Thanks for the awesome reports!

Addendum: This is what's in the location bar when I get the error:


I don't have an esg.html in that path. So I tried correcting the code to go to /admin/students/esg.html, but same error. I don't like that "&27)" in there...

In the report, search for "dialogM" and for each of the three lines, change




(i.e., drop the single quote and one of the two closing parens.)

I also did have to fix the path to esg.html.

What's odd is, the registrar swears this worked last quarter, and I've done nothing aside from state reports updates in the meantime...shrug!

Having same issue. Secretary says it worked last quarter as well. I fixed the 3 lines after "dialogM" but where do I fix the path to esg.html? Thanks.

Patti Myers
Sr. Student Information Systems Specialist
West Shore School District

I just installed the 4.1.1 version of this plugin. We're on PS 9.2.2. I run the Gradebook Vs StoredGrades report and it runs ok, but when I click on the grade to fix it, I get a "Loading" message that doesn't go away. I found the 3 lines mentioned above and removed the ') but it's still not working. Strangely enough, if I right-click on the grade and open in a new tab, I get what looks like an unformatted version of the page. Anyone still having this problem?

The Grades by Future Course Request report is not displaying results for any courses. It's just showing the headers...? I tried using All Students as well as Current Selection-Same result. Any ideas??

I just upgraded to 4.1.1 for the Grading reports and only 4 reports are present...what happened to all the rest!?

Disregard...Just checked again and all the reports are present now.

What did you do to get the missing grade reports to appear sconway78? I only see 4 grading reports as well. I've run the 'rescan reports' but only ever see the 4 reports. Thanks for your help!

I'm having the same problem. I can see the reports in PSAdmin, but not in the list on the grading tab.

Jennifer Bocrie
Goochland County Schools
Goochland, VA

sorry wrong forum

I can get the final grades report to run, but it is not displaying correctly. The information displays, but not in any type of table. It looks like code for what is supposed to display.


These are incredible reports! Many thanks. This report though does not seem to report accurately. Can you provide the criteria that is used to calculate the percentage passing?

Thanks in advance

Doug Robertson

Thanks so much for giving this added functionality! I recently updated the grading bundle from 4.0 to 4.1.1. Now, the Gradebook Preferences report only shows "searching for your results" and never responds past that. Is there anything else I need to load or reload?

Is this not working since we moved to PTP? Is there any workaround?


I am hoping for a workaround too. I loved it and used it daily, but now with PTP it doesn't work.

Report appears to run fine with grades, percents, teachers and such but the column titled "Last Grade Update" date is not populating correctly for all teachers. It is populating with 00/00/00 for the majority of teachers. All of our teachers are on PowerTeacher Pro. We are on PowerSchool 10 with our Custom Reports Bundle Base on 4.1.4 version. Any assistance will be much appreciated!
Cathy McNally

The following should fix the problem until Jason has a chance to update the page. It's actually a simple change but requires customizing the report:

1 - find the /admin/reports/CRB/grading/percentsreport.html
2 - find the following line 3/4 down the page:

SELECT s.DCID sDCID, s.LastFirst,, s.grade_level, pgf.Grade, cc.DCID ccDCID, tb.Date1, tb.Date2, pgf.Percent, c.Course_Name, sec.Expression, t.LastFirst, cc.LastGradeUpdate

3 - change the cc.LastGradeUpdate to pgf.LastGradeUpdate instead. In other words, just change the cc there to pgf.
4 - toward the bottom of the page, change ~(cc.LastGradeUpdate;d) to ~(pgf.LastGradeUpdate;d).
5 - Publish the page.

That should be all that's needed. PTP only saves the last update date to the PGFinalGrades table whereas PTG saves to both. If you use the letter grades report as well, it's the same fix but the file is /admin/reports/CRB/grading/gradesreport.html.

Matt Freund

We made the change with no luck, Last grade update still shows 00/00/00. Just to verify, the code now looks like this

SELECT s.DCID sDCID, s.LastFirst,, s.grade_level, pgf.Grade, cc.DCID ccDCID, tb.Date1, tb.Date2, pgf.Percent, c.Course_Name, sec.Expression, t.LastFirst, pgf.LastGradeUpdate

Any other suggestions

There is a ~(cc.LastGradeUpdate;d) toward the bottom too that should be changed to ~(pgf.LastGradeUpdate;d), but I was getting correct data even when it still had cc. I'll add that to the directions above. You might want to check the teacher gradebooks and see if the grade is being calculated or they're just typing in a final grade. On my test server I wasn't getting the right date if the grade was manually overwritten (you'll see a little triangle in the top left hand corner of the grade box in the gradebook). There is also a way to bypass that field and use the whenmodified field in the AssignmentScores table, but that takes a rewrite of the entire sql and I'll let Jason decide if he wants to do it.

The pgf.LastGradeUpdate should work though and you might want to see if it's getting populated via DDE. You can search the PGFinalGrades table for the grades in question using most of the information in the report and look at the field value there. If it's not being populated then I would contact support.

Matt Freund

It appears that PowerTeacher Pro grades are stored in a different table than PowerTeacher Gradebook grades so that is causing missing data for the grading bundle. Our assistant principal wanted to run the Class Grades report to review grades across multiple sections and the PowerTeacher Pro sections aren't in the dropdown for him to choose. In looking at the code for the dropdown, it joins with PGAssignments and apparently nothing is stored there for PTP sections.

Is there a way to get this report to pull grades from Powerteacher Pro?

Michelle Krecklow

Echoing above requests to add PowerTeacher Pro compatibility to grade reports.

Thank you!

Our student services team would like to search for poor grades on assignments, not just final grades. Basically, would love a version of the Letter Grades Report that searches assignment scores, not just final grades (and is compatible with PowerTeacher Pro).

Our grade scales include A+, B+, etc. grades.
When we select any of those in the Stored Grades Report, the plus signs are treated as blanks inside the SQL statement that produces the report. So none of the + grades appear in the resulting report.


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