Grade Verification 5 RC 1

Notice - Users of the PDS Grade Verification may want to look at switching to the stock Grade Verification (aka In Progress/Completed Button) that’s in the Gradebook and is reported using the Section Readiness Report (PT Admin) or Gradebook Verification Report (PDS Report Bundle) because the Parent/Student Apps show the In Progress/Completed indicator that is set in PTG in the newest version of the mobile apps.

Grade Verification for PS 7.0.3+

This ONLY includes the core Grade Verification files. You will need the Report Bundle for the Grade Verification Reports.

New in RC 1

Fixed several issues with the Alpha Release.

Install Instructions - Custom Page Management:

To upload an entire zip you’ll have to be on PowerSchool 7. Then the steps are as follows:

Switch to District Office.
Use one of the 2 methods below to get to the import/export screen. I would click the export button on the screen listed below to make a backup of your current customizations so you have a backup copy.
A. PS Administrator->Custom Pages->Import/Export
B. District->Localization Administration->Import/Export Customizations
Export the current customizations as a backup.
After you have done that, click browse and select the PDS (or other customization) zip and then click import.

A few things to note:

• PowerSchool 7 currently has a bug where non text files are NOT uploaded. Because of this you may need to upload some files individually using CPM like images, swf’s and so on.
• Only import customizations using the steps above if the customization indicates that it’s in a CPM import friendly format, otherwise you’ll be deleting files and folders one by one to clean up the Custom folder structure.

Install Instructions - Custom Webroot:
Unzip the downloaded file and place the included files in the same folder structure that exists in the zip in your data\custom\webroot folder.

Jason Treadwell
Roger Sprik
David Chen
Brian Andle
CPM Import Friendly: 


How does one get the notes to save on this? There is no submit button, so when we type a note in a section, then click somewhere else, the note is gone when we go back to the home page. Thanks!

BTW - the new site is fast, and seems to be working great! Nice job, and congratulations!

Jay Duff, CCE, ACMT, ACiT
Network Specialist
Mannheim School District 83
Franklin Park, IL

I thought we had removed the notes version when GV 5 was releases. Is this page from a older version?

Thanks on the site. Glad that we can finally get back to the goal of helping others.

Does the "Notes" function not work in 7.0 and above?

I get a number of comments from my teachers that the verification pages can take up to 10 minutes to open. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions what I might do to correct this? I believe I have the latest and greatest on my server. These complaints have been happening since we moved to PS7.

We are verifying for the first time and some teachers are not seeing any students in some of the classes but are able to verify in other classes. Please help


In the documentation, it says we would be able to change the attendance taken dot in the District Misc page. I did not see a district-misc.html page anywhere to upload to the web_root. Did I miss it somewhere or was it not placed in the zip file?

Grade discrepancies are not being shown in yellow. Can you in indicate where I should look for the reason? Thank you

The PowerTeacher verification page does not show the discrepancies in yellow, Would you Please provide me a clue where i can look for the issue. I have reloaded the pages but still does not work. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.

That's a known issue with the new version that I haven't had time to look at. I'm not sure about the other PDS members, but I know we've all been extremely busy.

We are having an issues with the Teachers side of the Verification page. When we click on the green verify icon it takes a while to load. Sometimes up to a 1 1/2 minutes. I looked at the PSJ screen on the server and I get this message for each teacher. Dalx Call Chain; LTKFileter #########(different numbers) next line is Warning generated from CacheTeacherSpeciallinserts.......
I call support but they were unable to lend me any insight to this. Any help would be great.

Bill Isard

Are there more pages that need to be downloaded for the grade verification to work. I am not seeing the admin/district/misc-district.html, or the admin/reports files in my down load file. Do the pages come from a different customization?

My elementary teachers do not have the verifiy icon to click on but my MS/HS teachers do. Is there a reason one school would not be able to see the verify icon?


Kelly Schmidt

Figured it out.


Has the home.html been rewritten for the latest PS 7 with the new attendance features and built in seating chart? We've been using your grade verification customization and green dot images for a few years and would still like to take advantage of it.


I was just gonna post the same question... has anyone done it????
It is a great feature that I need to get back online!!

Many thanks!

I'm not an expert but I added this line to the "standard" home.html for teachers after line #95 (the line that has print_class_reports in it) - the A+ box showed up after this. Give it a try.

<td align="center"><a href="/teachers/verification/verifyGrades.html?sectionid=~(id)&frn=~(frn)&showterm=~[prefschool:curfgname]"><~(decode;~(no_of_students);0;noimg;img) src="/images/btn_verify~(decode;~(grades_verified);on;2.gif;.gif)" alt="Verify Grades" width="32" height="30" border="0"></a></td>

This does indeed put the A+ there and brings up the verification page, but it does not show the comparison between the "gradebook" grade and the "stored" grade.

We are ending our first nine weeks tomorrow and it would be great if we had this working.

Any one out there have it working yet?

Same results here, the yellow highlights do not show on the teacher or admin side. However, the reports bundle still includes the Gradebook vs. Stored Report. Becomes more admin management, but at least it's something.

Would definitely appreciate knowing if anyone has figured out the code to make the highlights work with 7.2.3.

Where can I find a copy of the custom misc-district.html file?

Many of these custom pages were impacted with the co-teaching feature added in 7.5. Does anyone know if this customization will be updated in the near future?

Q: I have been entering quite a few new sections in PowerSchool. After completion, these sections are not showing up in the teachers gradebook. I have to go back, change the teacher name, save and re-enter the correct teachers name again for it to show up in the gradebook. I did not have to do this last year.

A: I understand you are having problems with creating secitons and having them appear in the gradebook without going back and re-entering the sections information.
The root cause of your iswue is the customizations concerning editing sections and teacher schedules supplied to you by Power Data Solutions. It is incompatible with the new Co-teaching model introduced in PwoerSchool 7.1.

To test this yourself, navigate to system > system settings > customizations, and disable your customizations prior to creating a new section. You will notice that the teachers no longer appear in the drop down list as you are used to, but must be added under the lead teacher of the section.

My schools really loved this feature but lost it during one of the upgrades a while back. I put it on the back burner for a while. They are asking again. Can someone please modify this for 11.0.4? You will be our Hero.

Karen Miller

Hi All,
We renamed our final exam bin, which had been E2, Q5, sometime in early April. Grades for this term are not appearing on the teacher verification page in Powerteacher, after clicking on the red A+ symbol. They do for all other terms. Is there any way to for the verifications feature to accept the name change for E2 and display the grades?
Thank you.

This plugin is no longer supported by the original PDS developers. I would suggest you install the PSCB - Custom Reports (Grading) bundle and use the Gradebook - Section Readiness report.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Hi Rob,
We have the PSCB reports bundle installed already but it seems that provides reports within the admin console. Is there a way for the teachers to see a comparison of historical/live grades from within their Powerteacher accounts with this bundle?

The PSCB - Customization PT Pro (Class Reports) plugin includes a Grades Verification report

This PT Pro bundle includes 6 Class Reports.

Assignments Summary
Attendance Report
Class Roster Verification
Grades Verification
Standards List
Student Email
Test Scores

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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