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Scores Page Standards with Weighting

This customization is not compatible with PowerSchool 10.0/PowerTeacher Pro sections.

Removal - Delete the customized versions of:

Student Stats V 3.1

A set of pages that allow Admin and Teachers to see graphically how the student is doing compared to the rest of the class or to course.

The 1st graph shows (Only applies/shows in schools using daily attendance) is a pie chart of the selected students daily attendance, the chart will show Present, Absent and Tardy totals, based on your attendance code setup.

The 2nd graph shows the current (not stored) students grades using current term display and the corresponding classes’ averages. The graph will only show classes that are set to be stored.

Grade Verification 5 RC 1

Notice - Users of the PDS Grade Verification may want to look at switching to the stock Grade Verification (aka In Progress/Completed Button) that’s in the Gradebook and is reported using the Section Readiness Report (PT Admin) or Gradebook Verification Report (PDS Report Bundle) because the Parent/Student Apps show the In Progress/Completed indicator that is set in PTG in the newest version of the mobile apps.

Grade Verification for PS 7.0.3+

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