One Stop Attendance

Attendance screen that allows for the search and edit of attendance records all from one screen. Users can search for attendance by code, all codes, daily, meeting, all present codes, all absent codes, etc.

What's New in Version 5.1.1
In this version we updated the page to use the slide out box rather than a new popup window when doing a new record or an edit record. We also fixed the issue causing comments not to store properly for meeting attendance. Special thanks to Romy Backus for her suggestions

Screenshots here do not reflect the current version's look. The functionality is the same but the screenshot (for now at least) are from version 4 and earlier.

Change History
V 5.1.1 - Released 2016-09-23

  • Fix typo in section header label
  • Days to view defaults to the current date if it's in the list. That current date is also bumped up to the top of the date list for easy access to the All Days option
  • Add New Meeting attendance and Add New Daily Attendance links are now buttons. These buttons now align to the right just like the buttons on all other PowerSchool pages.
  • New/Edit attendance (both daily and meeting) are now in a slide out box to conform to the newest style in PowerSchool
  • Submitting a change to meeting or daily will only refresh that section instead of the entire page. As you make changes they show up in nearly real time.
  • Fixed the meeting attendance comments. Instead of the comments being entered into it’s own popup they are now entered into a text area just below the attendance code. Any change to a comment that is left open will not be saved. This is so users can save changes and not save comment changes if they don’t want to (just like the normal page).

V 5.0.1 - Released 2016-05-18

  • Fixed link error. Popups should work now.

V 5.0.0 - Released 2015-07-27

  • Turned into plugin
  • Utilizes page fragments for links rather than customizing the wildcard directly
  • Visually looks closer to stock PowerSchool than previous versions

V 4.4.0 - Released 2012-09-25

  • Fixed minor issues

V 4.3.0 - Released 2012-08-03

  • Compatible with PS 7.2+

V 4.2.0 - Released 2012-04-20

  • Added support for different date formats based on the users login local. Sorting dates does not currently work as expected when using a date format other then mm/dd/yyyy
  • Hopefully fixed the IE set all issue
  • Updated scripts to match that of the bundle

V 4.1.0 - Released 2011-09-19

  • Added the ability to add meeting comments. After adding a attendance code click the + in the comment column

V 4.0.0a - Released 2011-08-16

  • Removed hard coded input value
  • Fixed wording Daily should have said Meeting
  • Updated c_scripts2.0.0.html file
  • Added in missing jQuery scripts
  • Separated Screen Shots from main zip
  • Main zip is CPM import friendly with PS 7

V 4.0.0 - Released 2011-08-14

  • Updated wildcard to contain PS 7.0 format
  • Changed popups so that the back screen remains locked while record is being edited

V 3.2.0 - Released 2009-10-05

  • Updated wildcard to contain PS 6.0 content
  • Included ability to add Meeting Attendance Comments

V 3.1.0 - Released 2009-02-25

  • Fixed issue when selecting all codes. If all codes is selected with a date then information from that date is shown. If all codes is selected with all term then only the current date will show (had this fixed 9/4/2008, sorry for holding it so long)Fixed issue with alert showing the student as in a class and between classes at the same time

V 3.0.0 - Released 2008-09-03

  • Converted the page for Oracle
  • Added ability to choose any date in the current term

V 2.2.0 - Released 2008-03-07

  • Added the navigation bar wildcard so that users could easily just pop in the link without having to recode the wildcard themselves

V 2.1.0 - Released 2008-01-16

  • Updated attendancetoday.html to take account for blank present codes. Previously would not return any data if the present code was a blank (as powerschool recommends). Now will display present records correctly

V 2.0.0 - Released 2008-01-14

  • Initial Public Release


Jason Treadwell
Brian Andle
CPM Import Friendly: 


If any future enhancements are made to this customization I would like to suggest the ability to filter by section. Any other filters such as by teacher or grade would be handy as well.

Thank you

Before PS7 we used the One Stop Attendance however since we upgraded and I installed the new customization there is a part of it that isn't working. Our schools loved the Attendance Today and are very unhappy that it isn't working.

Our school district browser of choice is Internet Explorer and we have found a page in the One Stop Attendance that doesn't work in this browser. First get a list of Attendance dates in the Attendance Today screen. If you select an attendance code link on a student's attendance line the 'Edit Meeting Attendance' screen will display for that student. We cannot make an attendance code change here. If we preform the same operation in either Chrome or Firefox the change can be made. Is there something that can be changed to allow this screen to work in Internet Explorer. The regular Edit Meeting Attendance screen in PS Admin works fine, just not in the customization. Any suggestions?

I wonder if your issue is related to compatibility view. We had a similar issue and the problem was that IE was using compatibility view for the page, when it was turned off then attendance changes could be made. There are other areas of PS where this is an issue as well.

I installed this customization but the link is not showing up on the Admin Left Nav bar. I am using the custom web root folder method for my customizations and not CPM. I can see the code for this customization in the admin left nav wildcard file and the file is in the correct location in my custom web root folder, but link is not showing up. I am having this problem with another custom wildcard too? What needs to be done to force PowerSchool to look at my custom wildcards?

What usually fixes wildcard issues like this for me is clicking submit on the customization page. System>System Settings>Customization - click submit, this refreshes the wildcards.

A handy feature on updating attenadance with this tool was being able to put a comment in when you enter attendance. That appears to be gone and is missed. If it is there I am not seeing it.
Thank You

Once you get back to the main screen click the + sign.

That makes it a two step process and you have to click plus 8 times for 8 periods. I have had complaints on this upgrade. FYI - looking at how we can add back the save with comments.

What page changes do I need to make to use our custom contact fields instead of the "mother" and "father" fields that are used within these file sets. I tried to simply modify the attendancetoday.html file repalcing references to mother and father with the custom fields that we use and it must have broken a query string somewhere else?

We are also experiencing the same issue of not showing up in the Left Navigation frame. Do we need to add this? I’ve done the System, System Settings, Customizations, Submit trick and that doesn’t seem to work. We are on 7.1.4.

If you have a custom \admin\home.html file it might not be using the new PS 7 wildcard.


redid the complete import & now everything is working fine. Excellent customization!!

We are on ver 7.2.1, and are receiving a HTTP Status 500 error when a secretary is trying to change a student's code from unverified to another code. Here are the steps she is taking before the error (using meeting attendance).

1) Locates the students who are UNV.
2) Selects UNV next to the student that she wants to change.
3) Selects "Excused" as the attendance code.
4) Selects "Set All".
5) Submit.

Every time that any of our secretaries make a change on this screen, they receive the error. I've tried both IE & Firefox. It also happens if they are just changing the code for one period, and not usinig the "set all" command.

I've double checked that I have the latest Attendance Today pages downloaded to my server. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


One Stop is currently not compatible with 7.2.1 The download link has been removed until a compatible version has been made.

Posted version 4.3 for PS 7.2+

Any plans to make the screen auto-refresh after a change is made? I had a previous version that did that.

this report is what we are looking for emergency, is there any way to export the data into excel or pdf and also to add parent handphone ? thanks for sharing this report

On one of our sites in Attendance Today, selecting New Daily Attendance gives this error...."An error was detected contacting the server. Please contact customer support if this continues to occur."

Attendance Today is working on our other sites with no issues.

Thanks for any help.
Mark Hartung
Grant Wood AEA

for some reason, this select is returning 0 students. i can use the same select in sqlexplorer and get students.

Thanks for any help
Mark Hartung
Grant Wood AEA

After updating the site to PS7.6.1, Attendance Today works without errors.

This is a wonderful report; our attendance person prints it but the lower part of the list does not print if it beyond the visible window. Can we have an option to open in a new window (to be able to print full list) or as a PDF, export spreadsheet? These options would make an excellent report even moreso.

Dave Brubaker

I love this report but when we are using it at the High School level, the Meeting Attendance mode is duplicating 4th period throughout the schedule. It is hard to figure out which period is which when this happens. Is there a fix for this issue? I can email a screen shot if that is helpful.

Cassandra Young
Strive Prep
Denver, CO

I'm curious if this is still a problem for you? I'm wondering if it fixed itself in a new semester. It seems like there might be a date our an hour overlap in you calendar or days set up... but I'm grasping at straws with that thought.

We have an issue where one of our secretaries try to print this report and it cuts off half way through. I'm not familiar enough with the page layout with this report to know if it is a Java issue, a Firefox issue, or perhaps something in the print driver. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

Our schools use the customization a lot and really like it. I noticed today that it hasn't been updated in a year and a half so I'm wondering if a future PS update breaks it, will it get fixed or will that be the end of Attendance Today? Just trying to plan ahead.

A big thanks to everyone who worked on this report.

Instead of modifying the original wildcard page admin_nave_menu_left_css.txt to put the link in the menu I now utilize the leftnav.footer insertion point so updates will not be a problem. To do this I added a page to the wildcards folder called admin_nav_menu_left_css.one_stop_attendance.leftnav.footer.txt with the following contents:

<!-- Page Fragment Insertion -->
//Insert One Stop Attendance link in left navigation when viewing a school

<span id="oneStopAttendance">
~[]<li><a href="/admin/attendance/attendancetoday.html?att_code=A&pid=-1&alldays=~[date]">Attendance Today</a></li>[/]
<!-- End Page Fragment Insertion -->

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Greg, thanks for sharing. I have done this too and it's in the next release (as all new releases will use page fragments where appropriate) but I'm not done with the rest of the updates on that customization. Right now I'm concentrating on the CRB. So I appreciate you adding some directions for those who want to use a page fragment sooner rather than later.


Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

do you think it's possible to produce this 'Attendance today' with reportWork ?
anyone have it ?


I see from your post on this thread on 3/28 that you are working on some updates for this report. Should I wait to download or is it okay to go ahead and do it now?

Michelle J. Rowland
PowerSchool Administrator
Madison Grant United School District

It works fine in its current state, but I highly recommend altering it just a bit. Instead of the page admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt found in the wildcards folder, replace it with a page fragment to add the menu item. I have sample code in an earlier post that replicates the placement of the menu link, or to keep it simple you can add it to the bottom of the list using a page named "admin_nav_menu_left_css.addedLinks.leftnav.footer.txt" containing something like the following:

<!-- Custom Menus Page Fragment Insertion -->

<ul id="customLinks">

<a href="/admin/attendance/attendancetoday.html?att_code=A&pid=-1&alldays=~[date]">Attendance Today</a></li>

<!-- Custom Menus Page Fragment Insertion -->

The page that is currently in the download replaces the left navigation code, but the page fragment method merely adds code to the standard menu. Older versions of PowerSchool do not support page fragments. I don't remember the version where this insertion point was added, but if you are not on the current version you can check for "<div id="cust-leftnav-footer">~[cust.insertion_point:leftnav.footer]</div>" near the bottom of the standard admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt page in the wildcards folder.

Making the change to a page fragment eliminates the alteration of any of the standard pages so you can be confident you will not break anything using the Attendance customization. I've shifted to the simplified placement at the bottom and use it to provide access to some other custom pages with a single list of links.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

I was wondering if there is any update to One-Stop-Attendance (aka Attendance Today) for PowerSchool 8? Will it be a plugin? Or is it even needed any more. I'm now at a school that has never used it before.


Dan Morgan
Saint Mary's College High School
Berkeley, CA

Dan Morgan
PS Support
Saint Mary's College High School
Berkeley, CA

It works fine in PowerSchool 8, and I have an administrator who still depends on it. The slight modification I made for inserting the menu item eliminated any worries about updates for me. I also added a link for the Custom Reports tab in that same fragment for quick access to those. Our PowerSchool now has significant customization with all of it done using insertion points and plugins. Never having to worry about changes by Pearson in an update is very comforting.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

It seems that my student supervisors are unable to add/edit comments using Attendance today due to insufficient privileges. How can I change the page permission to "att_comment_meeting.html" allow them to submit changes?

When I run Attendance today for students with the code AB (teacher taken) and then click on a specific student listed code, I receive the following error: "An error was detected contacting the server. Please contact customer support if this continues to occur."

I'm running PowerSchool 9.0 and Attendance Today 5.0 (newest plugin version.) Any idea what is cause this error message?

Dan Morgan
PS Support
Saint Mary's College High School
Berkeley, CA

I am getting the same error. We are on PowerSchool 9.0.2.


Christopher W.P. Boyle, MSITM
CNA,MCP,A+,N+, Apple Certified
Director of Technology
Harvard Public Schools/Town of Harvard

When you click on a specific student listed code from the attendance today page, it produces a page can not be found error. It is referencing a attendanctoday1.html page, that was not included in the plugin.

We too are getting the same error, " "An error was detected contacting the server. Please contact customer support if this continues to occur."

There is a typo in the plugin's code. The quickest fix is to download and unzip the plugin. Then navigate to the attendancetoday.html file. Open it in notepad. Do a find and replace all. Replace attendancetoday1.html with attendancetoday.html. Then you need to rezip the plugin and reinstall it.

PS9.1 I installed the v5.0 plugin and have had many troubles. Found and fixed the attendance1.html issue. Have found several references to /pds/CRB/... instead of /pds/OSA/... ??? I changed them to OSA but still don't get any CSS or Images. Want to use this but don't have time to spend trying to make it work!

Randy Rowe
Sr. Applications Analyst
Topeka Public Schools

I just duplicated the html file with a 1 at the end and then uploaded that. Took me awhile to figure out that was the easiest way for me.

did that fix work for you? I replaced all of the attendancetoday1.html with attendancetoday.html, saved the file and tried to install the plug-in, but it gave me an error:

Errors were found during plugin installation.

Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/pds/osa/DataTables/extras/TableTools/media/js/TableTools.js
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/pds/osa/DataTables/package.json
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/pds/osa/DataTables/media/js/FixedHeader.js
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/pds/osa/DataTables/Readme.txt

.........with several more line items. Not sure how to move forward now, and the secretaries are forming a planned attack against me if I can't get it working again!!!

Janne Goetz
Idaho Arts Charter K-12

I am testing the new 5.0.0 on our PS9 environment and am finding that I cannot add or edit comments. Have I missed something or is there a fix?

I haven't been able to add comments in either PowerSchool 8 (live data) or PowerSchool 9 (test server). The secretaries REALLY miss this feature!

I'm trying to install the one stop attendance plugin and when I upload it tells me
"Invalid plugin file type. Select a new file." I am on PS 9.2.1. Can you help me with this?

I installed the latest version 5.0.1 but have the same problem trying to submit. I put the comment in, click OK, the comment box disappears but the comment is never submitted. (Tried test server in Firefox and live data in Chrome - same results).

I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm running 5.0.1 on PS 10.0.0. Did you find a solution yet?

We are having the same issue. I've tried 3 different browsers. I was concerned that a different customization might be causing the issue (or remnants of a prior one-stop attendance customization) so I put a copy of the one stop attendance into a clean web_root on our test server. We have the same problem with the clean web_root, too.

I took out mother/father from the daily grid and it would then not work. I reinstalled on our test server and just changed the words mother/father on the table (nothing else) and all of a sudden it doesn't work. Am I missing something? Is there another place to edit?

Sascha Warner

>>V 3.1.0 - Released 2009-02-25
>>Fixed issue when selecting all codes. If all codes is selected with a date then information from that date is shown. If all codes is selected with all term then only the current date will show

I think I'm seeing this in the latest, 5.1.1. Could the old code have crept back in, or am I doing something wrong?


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