One Stop Attendance

Attendance screen that allows for the search and edit of attendance records all from one screen. Users can search for attendance by code, all codes, daily, meeting, all present codes, all absent codes, etc.

What's New in Version 5.1.1
In this version we updated the page to use the slide out box rather than a new popup window when doing a new record or an edit record. We also fixed the issue causing comments not to store properly for meeting attendance. Special thanks to Romy Backus for her suggestions

Class Attendance Enhancement V2_1

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PS 7.2. Download link has been removed until a updated version is available.

The pages included in this package improve upon the class attendance page modified by Jason Treadwell, Tim Scoff and Roger Sprik to allow Teachers to enter meeting attendance comments for Students. New in v2: Adds Student Photos and Alerts

When Teachers go to take attendance they will notice 2 submit buttons. Submit and Submit w/ Comments. Here is how it works;

Daily Attendance View v1.1

A set of pages targeted to Admin’s and Teachers. Provides a “Daily Attendance” link when logged into a school who uses Daily Attendance. Will list all the students in the school who are absent and their bridge period comment if one exists. The Admin version has a link to identify who hasn’t taken attendance yet. The Teacher version includes a “My Schedule” link that lets the Teacher see their matrix schedule.

Version 1
Initial Release

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