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NOTE: This customization as of the current version (1.0.1) will not work on PS 9 due to the back end changes to the standards table. An updated version of this will be out in the next few weeks that will be compatible for v 9.x

Managing your standards is not an easy task. There are many things to keep track of and many times you don't know things are wrong until its too late. If you need to change standard settings it can be a real chore. PowerSchool allows you to see all your standards but expanding all those sections each time just to get to the next one is a pain. Standards Management is here to help ease that pain. It allows you to see all your standards that are grouped together (using the list parent) all at once. You can create a new sibling record (another standard with the same list parent), a new child record (another standard where the record you are looking at is the list parent), or mass change values in all the ones you currently have. Plus if one of the fields you need to change isn't there you can drill into that specific standard directly. Going back to the page will always leave you in the same spot, you don't have to follow some path to get back there. We've been using it on many schools for a few months now and have had great results. Now it's time to see what you think. Try it out, if you don't like it just uninstall.

How do I install a plugin in the custom/web_root?
Same as you do any other customization. Unzip and place the files in the corresponding folder locations in your custom/web_root. The plugin.xml file is only for use as a plugin, you can throw that away for custom/web_root.

How do I install a plugin?
Directions can be found here


  1. Change to district office if you aren't there already
  2. Click on District from the left menu
  3. Click on Standards
  4. You should now see a link for CLG Standards Management Page, Click that.
  5. The initial screen shows anything that doesn't have a list parent. Click the identifier to drill down.
  6. Make the changes you need or simply view your layout to make sure everything is as you expect.

Change History
V 1.0.1 - Released 2014-05-21

  • Fix for New Child form. Was redirecting to the wrong location. Thanks to Romy Backus for the heads up

V 1.0 - Released 2014-04-05

  • Initial public release
Computer Logic Group


Jason Treadwell

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 
Sample page from standards management
Sample page showing links to drill down with directions
Sample page showing lowest level with directions


I installed the plugin for standards management and enabled it yet the link for CLG Standards Management Page doesn't show. Any thoughts?

Same problem here. We are on Version:

Any help would be appreciated.

Beautiful Jason!!

Here too

We installed this customization and it all looks beautiful, but we could only access the main level standards and could not drill down to the others. We have standards on all levels 1 to 6. Did we miss something on the install?


The column for List Parent, Sort Order, Courses, Include Comments, and Allow Assignments display "String key was not found!" in the column headings. I noticed this after we upgraded to 9.0.

Samantha Mimbs
Data Coordinator
Monroe County Schools
Forsyth, Georgia

Did you find a fix for this? We have the same issue after I loaded EPP 5.0.

Is this plug in working for PS9 and is it going to work for PS10? Thanks for all you hard work.

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