Student Stats V 3.1

A set of pages that allow Admin and Teachers to see graphically how the student is doing compared to the rest of the class or to course.

The 1st graph shows (Only applies/shows in schools using daily attendance) is a pie chart of the selected students daily attendance, the chart will show Present, Absent and Tardy totals, based on your attendance code setup.

The 2nd graph shows the current (not stored) students grades using current term display and the corresponding classes’ averages. The graph will only show classes that are set to be stored.

The 3rd graph shows the current (not stored) students grades using current term display and the corresponding course averages. The graph will only show classes that are set to be stored.

The 4th item (admin only) shows the last time the students classes grades where modified. Only shows classes that are stored.

CPM Import Friendly

V 3
Updated for PS 7

V 3.1 (3/8/2012)
Now runs from District Office

V 3.2 (3/8/2012)
Switched from Fusion Charts to HighCharts which 100% JavaScript based and is free for Non Profits.
Fixes various issues related to switching students.
Due to the new JavaScript library, if you are using a image server you will need to add the scripts folder to your image server.

This customization uses Highcharts JavaScript package from Highsoft software is free for non-commercial use. Highcharts is licensed under the Creative Commons License. For a plain English explanation of what this means click here:


Brian Andle
Manjit Basra

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 


This is the message I receive when trying to install this plugin - Plugin file contains an unrecognized file: admin/students/quicklookup.html


I have received the same error. any help appreciated!

Same here. Help appreciated.

A few years ago I installed this customization when I was very new to my position as the PowerSchool Administrator. It was one of my first customization's and I never really got the graphics to display correctly. Fast forward a few years and I have a little more customization experience under my wings ;) so I was finally ready to see if I could get things up and running!

Since I was sure it was something I had done during the install so I decided it was best to uninstall my old files in CPM and reinstall. Unfortunately my reinstall didn't work out so well and I was getting the same error some of you have. Below are my steps on how I was able to get the files loaded and how I fixed my graphics display issue. Warning...I am self taught through trial, error and lots of google searches (lol) with no formal technology training but this is what worked for me.

Folders or pages were created directly in custom pages by adding, then creating (file or folder depending on the zip file item)
Folder or page was named exactly as it in the student stats zip file
Text from the student stats zip file for each page was copied and pasted onto the appropriately created page in CPM
Instead of using the highcharts in the zip file I took the advice from an earlier post and downloaded the highcharts "js" file from their website. The items in their "js" file was then uploaded into the appropriate folder (minus the .map pages)
After my folders and files were created and published I still couldn't get the graphics to load unless I minimized the webpage and then opened it again. Using the partial text from one of the earlier posts I knew it was something with the stustats.html (both admin & teacher) and could see he had said to make a change to the <script src=/scripts/highcharts/highcharts.js"> but couldn't see the changed text. After a little trial & error (that included a completely blacked out student screen at one point) I finally got it when I used the following:

<script src=/scripts/highcharts/highcharts.src.js">

Hope this helps ;)


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