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Change your submit buttons into Sumbit


Common Extras

A few small customizations put in the same plugin. These are things I found came in handy on different servers. This was made years ago but was recently discovered to be missing from the page so I'm adding it back upon request. There may be other plugins that have some of these pieces, I've seen some of these pages separately on various servers.


Field Validator

PowerSchool 7.2 now includes Data Validation for the Students/Teachers tables.

State reporting needs, among others, are rising. With them is an increased need for schools to rely on multiple sources of input for that state reporting. Problem is the more people who are involved in inputting the data the bigger the chance that things are going to get entered incorrectly. Pearson is starting to make things a little easier but its not quite enough yet. So we created a script you can use (and expand) to make things a little easier.

PS 7 Edit Bulletin Enhancement

This customization modifies the Edit Bulletin page in PS 7 to alert you of the audience that the bulletin will be published too. The customization will also default the default audience to Teachers instead of Public.

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