Custom Reports Bundle Misc

This plugin will add the misc reports to the custom reports bundle base. Note: the base plugin will need to be installed before you will see these reports automatically appear.

What's New in Version 4.1.4
Some reports had issues with the calendar popup. Those should be resolved in this version. Also added an extra filter to the CPM Files report so users can now choose to see only files that were modified since install. This is useful before updating a plugin to see if the file had been further customized so you don't accidentally overwrite something you previously had modified unless you choose to.

What's new
The reports have been updated to look and feel more like PowerSchool native pages.

How do I install a plugin?
Directions can be found here

Change History
V 4.1.4 - Released 2016-08-25

  • Updated reports that had issues with the calendar popup.
  • CPM File report now allows for filtering to see only files that have been modified since install

V 4.1.1 - Released 2015-07-27

  • Updated to work with CRB Base 4.1.4
  • Added the export buttons back in
  • CPM File report now displays what plugin the CPM file is "owned" by

V 4.0.0 - Released 2014-04-01

  • Initial Release


Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Others I'm sure I'm forgetting
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Web Based Report
Custom Reports Bundle Misc tab
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I have a browser specific issue. This district only allows users to use Chrome or IE for browsing, not Firefox. However, the Birthday List does not show the export to CSV, Print, etc. when accessed through Chrome. Chrome also views the Make Current Selection as a popup, which confuses the users. I had to add the old version 3 of this report back on another tab. I played around with the javascript file and command but could not get this to launch without a popup. Do you have a workaround?

We are having issues running the Youngest Child report. We are using the latest version of the Custom Reports bundle on PS 8.0.1. When we uncheck the box the report never comes up. Thanks.

Is there a way that I can edit this report so that it picks the Oldest Child instead of the youngest?

How can update the Birthday list so that we can get the next year to appear? We are trying to get a list for January 2015 but nothing is appearing.

I found the same thing as mdewitt. The issue is that January is automatically selected as it is listed first in the month drop-down. jQuery is looking for a change event. Since January is already selected users are just unchecking pause and the page searches for month="". The result list of students is empty.

An easy fix is to add a "Select Month" option to the top of the month drop-down. On line 95 of the /admin/reports/crb/misc/birthdaylist.html page add <option value="">Select Month</option> between the select and January option.
Original Code:
<select id="m">
<option value="01">January</option>

Updated Code:
<select id="m">
<option value="">Select Month</option>
<option value="01">January</option>

Oh, no! I upgraded to the new version of CRB and the Parent Account Not Created report is not there! This report is really critical for us since we use the parent portal for InfoSnap registration. Any chance I can obtain it elsewhere? I see something similar on the PowerSource exchange, but I really, really liked the one in CRB.

Johanna Johanson
Rio Rancho Public Schools

Since upgrading to PS9 the youngest child report does not run for any of our schools that are K-4 or K-6....strange...

I think I found the issue. We have some longer student numbers this year and it appears that breaks the report. Removed the student number from pulling onto the report and it works again...

Hi, I already have installed the CRB base with Attendance and Grades; however, I just installed the latest version of Misc and its not working fine. I am getting "searching for your results!" all the time, with no results..
I upgraded to 9.0.1 this summer.

Hiba Okar

Hi Hiba!

Did you ever get a resolution to your question above? We are experiencing the same situation and not sure how to proceed.

Thank you!

Is there a way to create a report for birthdays by month for staff members (teachers) similar to the Birthday List by month for students.

Patt Goerke, Data Manager
Wauwatosa School District
12121 W. North Ave.
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

could there be a report enhancement made to your reports bundle under the Misc tab for Oldest & Only Child that would show the oldest child at each street address. Thanks

Patt Goerke, Data Manager
Wauwatosa School District
12121 W. North Ave.
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

I can't get these to appear either. I made sure all the old files were deleted and installed the plug-ins. I can see they are there in the webroot, but on the custom reports page, nothing is any different. Is there some setting I need to change or something? I also installed the security plug-in and I'm not seeing those reports either. Thanks

On the Misc tab - I get "searching for your results" when I run the phone search. Is there a setting I'm missing?

Jennie Rutzen
Data Services Manager
Skokie School District 68

Okay - never mind, it just has to sit for a long time to get the results... Thanks so much for your work on is so useful!

Jennie Rutzen
Data Services Manager
Skokie School District 68

Hi, we had a school cancellation this week and I received a phone from someone who doesn't have a student at our school but he got a call about our cancellation. So I entered his number in the search and it came up with nothing. I exported the fields that have the phone numbers and I found it under the mother cell phone field. Which fields is this report pulling when it searches for a phone number? Our Alert Solutions is calling mother/father home phone and mother/father cell phone. Are these not the ones the report searches?

On the Logs tab, Student Discipline Reports, it would work for some students, but say "Searching for results" for a few students. I found out that if someone at the school office had hit the Enter key into the Log Entry text field for the student, the report could not run. Once I deleted the extra spaces in the log entry text for that particular log entry, the report ran fine.

Good morning - We have an older version of CRB. We are having an issue with standards (K-5 teachers) not being visible with customization's turned on. When I turn off customization's, the standards are visible for teachers. Do you suggest I delete and reinstall fresh or update? Thank you.

When will the export buttons be available for misc reports again?

I installed the custom reports bundle - when I run the current counts report the graph shows only a box with a small little box in the top left corner. Any ideas? The same little box that is in the corner is also on top of all of my copy, csv, pdf buttons on each report page. Do I need to delete some of the older reports bundle files? I deleted the reportstab page as directed.

When I export in CSV, if their is a blank it shows blank on the webpage but when I export it all the blanks come up as Â. Is their something I can do to fix this?

Sascha Warner

I have put in Custom Reports Bundle Misc and Bundle Base, The Tab is not showing in System reports.? any advice
Does one have to be done before the other?

Karen Beuker

You are attempting to install older PDS plugins that have not been updated since 2016 and are no longer actively supported.

I would suggest you install and use the PSCB plugins which are supported and updated regularly.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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