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During the Putting it All Together class at PSUG-NorthEast 2017 an idea was worked on to allow users to click a button next to the log entry they wanted to print a report for. As you may know the log reports search page does not include a way to search for a specific log entry by student or log id. The resulting page fragment is generic enough to work for other types of records as well but the plugin includes an updated log list page with a button that will trigger the process. The idea and some of the code came from Monett R-1

What's New

  1. Everything, its a new plugin.


  1. Go to a student record
  2. Click on the Log Entries link in the Administration section
  3. There is now a Print button next to each log entry. Click the one next to the log entry you wish to run a report for
  4. A new tab will open that will first search through DDE to make the record the current selection then redirect you to the print log reports page so that you can choose which log report to run.

Using for other purposes
You may use the same script to make any other record the current selection. The pieces of the url are:

  • /admin/tech/dde/home.html? -> Basic link to the DDE home page
  • ?frn=~(frn) -> the frn for the record
  • &id=~(id) -> the frn should produce the ID but dde will not resolve it so pass it in the url
  • &isDone=0 -> this is to let the process know if it's done. Several loops may be necessary so it needs to know if its complete before finally redirecting
  • &loc=/admin/logentries/printlogentries.html -> this is the path to the place you want the user to go after the record is made the current selection. Change this location to something that is appropriate for your use.
  • Ex: /admin/tech/dde/home.html?frn=~(frn)&id=~(id)&isDone=0&loc=/admin/logentries/printlogentries.html

Change History
V 2017.11.08 - Released 2017-11-09

  • Initial Release


Jason Treadwell
Steve McMillin

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 


It won't let me install--Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/admin/students/log.html

What am I doing wrong?

Same error here

This error will be given when a custom version of the /admin/students/log.html has been installed previously. It is not from the Log Entry Management plugin, however. That plugin is designed to work with either the PowerSchool installed version of the page or the most often used custom version that Jason Springel created. You could try saving your existing log.html then deleting it via CPM. After that, you should be able to install this plugin. If you don't like it, uninstall it and copy the saved version back.


same error...

Same error for me too.


It let me install the Plug-In, however, I don't see the button. We did have the "Log entry management" Plug-In installed as well, but I disabled that one and I still don't see the Print button.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: I'm now getting the same error as the others. I'm guessing it has to do with the "Log Entry Management" Plug-In. Any way to get them both to work simultaneously?

I installed the plugin but do not have any print buttons showing

I have a nurse trying to print and she's getting insufficient access on this . Others are able to print just fine. Do you have any idea why she can't or where I can begin to troubleshoot this for her? Thank you!

Did you figure out why this happened? I have a counselor that can't print either and I'm assuming it is a page permission issue with something that the plugin needs to access.

This is a great option! Is there anyway to print all the discipline log entries on one report for the student?

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