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There are many times when we need to find out where a student is at the current moment in time. Normally it’s a bit of a process where you need to search for the student, look at his/her schedule for the current date, figure out what period you are in, then figure out where that student is during that period. Well this alert makes it much easier. With this alert you can see exactly where the student is supposed to be at the current moment in time. If you are feeling ambitious you can give it to the teachers too, the teacher alert is included though you will need to update the student pages yourself.

You may install this as a plugin or unzip and install in the custom/web_root.

Change History
V 2.0 - Released 2009-02-24

  • Initial Release - find the non-plugin version here

V 4.0 - Released 2014-08-06

  • Initial Release of Plugin
  • No longer update title_student_end_css wildcard, now insert alert via page fragment. This cleans up the wildcard and keeps schools up to date on the latest version. Because of this the plugin will only work for PowerSchool versions 7.11 and later.
  • Use page fragment to insert into teacher portal as well. Thanks to Greg Myers for the starting point.


Jason Treadwell
Brian Andle
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I installed the Find Me Plugin and enabled it, but I'm not seeing this feature to use on the start page. We are on Power School version 8.0.1.
I have installed other plugins without difficulty. Can you give me some advise on how to get this to show up for our staff?
Thank you
Deb Chambers
MiCase Consortium

Deb Chambers
MiCase Support Specialist II

The Find Me link only shows when viewing a particular student record so it knows who to find.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Thank you Greg for your help. There is so much to learn with this new program.
Deb Chambers

Deb Chambers
MiCase Support Specialist II

Jason, I am not sure how to change the student pages appropriately for the alert to show up.

I have downloaded and installed as well on 8.0.1 and it is not working for us. You never see the icon on any page. I have downloaded a few other customization's from here and my PS implementation manager mentioned it may be conflicting with another I have installed.

UPDATE: I have a 'Special Education Alert' customization. The title_student_end_css.findme.txt and title_student_end_css.txt are conflicting. Still do not have a fix

I wrote the Special Education Alert that you're probably having problems with. I wrote a new version that is a plugin and doesn't interfere with the FindMe alert. Basically, you need to delete my old alert and delete the old findme alert, then install them both with the new plugin versions and it works great.

where this special education alert would be found?

Where can I find the Special Education Alert?

Kathy Stainbrook
Computer Technician Student Information Manager
Centerville-Abington Community Schools
115 West South Street
Centerville, IN 47330
Phone: 765-855-3475 Ext 2193
Fax: 765-855-3815

I would also be interested to know where I can find the Special Education Alert. I have installed the Find Me Alert, but have not been able to locate information about the Special Education Alert.
Did you ever receive information?

Thank you!
Virginia Booth

We are also interested in the SpEd Alert?

can you email me the plug-in version of the SPED alert?

Could you email me the SpEd Alert plugin?

Hi Eric - Can you email me the Special Education Alert?



John M. Mercier

Where can I find this alert?

The special ed alert is not published on PowerData Solutions. If you look through the comments you may find a email link for the person who developed the plugin.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Could you email me the Special Education alert? Thanks.

Can you please send me the SPED alert plugin??

WE LOVE our SpEd alert. Thank you for the response and great work!

If you have a custom title_student_end_css.txt, you may have an issue with this plugin/customization functioning. You can add the code from the title_student_end_css.findme.student.alert.txt to your existing title_student_end_css.txt and it will fix the issue, as a temporary solution.

When we click on the the icon, the information is great. However, my attendance does not show the code that is set for the student for that day. How can I see the daily attendance?

I have tried to install the find me plugin many times. It does not show up on any of my student pages. I would love to get this working for my users. Thank you!

Just doing the upgrade on the Find me Alert to the plugin method , and wondering what the Spec Ed Alert is ? I don't see it listed here or in PS Exchange .

Mike Evans
ICT Department

I've installed the find me alert but it's not showing up anywhere on my student pages. Dori changed the coding on our special ed alert so that should be ok. Any suggestions on getting the find me alert to work? Dumb it down for me!

Michelle J. Rowland
PowerSchool Administrator
Madison Grant United School District

I installed the plugin but the icon is broken. I have tried to fix it but nothing works. Has this happened to anyone?

I installed the plugin, but the attendance portion is not working.

I installed the plugin and it works for one school, but not the other. Any thoughts?

We are still on version 7.11.1 and I have installed the Find Me Alert via the plug-in method. The alert works perfect, and functions just as it should. However, the small binocular icon image (alert_findme) is not lining up with the other alert icons. It's up and to the right of the other alert icons. I've looked through all of the code I can see and tried several changes but nothing seems to bring it in-line. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Michael A. Watkins
PowerSchool Administrator
Barnwell School District 45
Barnwell, SC 29812

The icon shows, but when I click it, I get a browser popup error that says "An error was detected contacting the server. Please contact customer support if this continues to occur." Waah...

I had the findmealert.html file in the wrong folder -- I had put it in /admin/alerts when it needed to be one level up, in /admin. Thanks to dd4ml0d's post on the other thread here: Whew! Hooray! Thank you as always for these VITAL customizations. :)

Hello all :) Learned about this great tool at PSU DC, and have just installed the Plug In as downloaded here (we are hosted and on 9.0) I don't see the icon, but am wondering if it is because classes don't start until 8/31? Will I need to wait until then to test to verify that it is working?


Hello again.....I was looking through some old files of other customized projects I'd worked on and realized that the intsall plug-ins you have to use the ZIPPED file, not extract and then install.....I figured it out on my own! Woot! Posting in case someone else comes along and makes the same mistake.

I went and installed the plug in and it showed up in the backpacks in PowerTeacher. Nothing had showed up on the Admin side??? I read notes regarding showing it on the teacher side but didn't do any of that. PS Version 9.1.1

My registrar went to a PSUG conference and asked me to install the FindMeAlert plugin. I did that, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to see. I think there is a new icon that appears on the student record with binoculars? If so, I don't see it. How do I troubleshoot this plugin?

Joy Filler
Wilton Public Schools, Wilton CT USA

So I logged on as a teacher, and the binoculars show up in the backpack and it works there. So it's just not showing up on the admin side. Suggestions?

many thanks -- love what you do!

Joy Filler
Wilton Public Schools, Wilton CT USA

Found a very helpful comment from Akrause which solved my problem!

Joy Filler
Wilton Public Schools, Wilton CT USA

I am unable to see the binoculars on the Admin side. Help please!!

HELP!!!! Is there a way to take the students picture off the alert? My counselor is complaining that it takes up too much room :/

I figured it out! But it didn't give back much space when the picture was removed. So, I am leaving it.

I would like to add the phone number of the teacher to this but am not sure how to do it. I've tried a number of things, but wondered if I could find out how to add this additional piece!

JoLynne Reppond, M.S.
Nixa A+/PowerSchool/Core Data
Nixa High School

We have updated to 11 and our Plug in for the find me alert has stopped working. Could you please assist?

We are not working as well. Anyone have a solution thus far? This is such a helpful plug-in!

We also are on 11 and can't get it to install

Also not working on v11. Any ideas??

Thank you! Installed the plugin today on v11.0.2 and it is working great. The staff love it!

got it!

The current time is off about 10 minutes in Find Me. Is there a way to change that?

Where can I find the Special Education Alert?

This is my first time dealing with this company and I can't find a phone number for them anywhere. Powerschool cannot help, as PDS is a 3rd party. Any help is appreciated, as this has been a real hassle getting through this.

This isn't really a company, Julie. It's a collection of volunteer developers who make contributions to the PowerSchool community. Are you having problems with the Find Me Alert that you'd like to ask about?

Is the Find Me Plugin working for a new Plugin install for PS 12.0.2 ??

Hello, when I enable the plugin I get two binoculars for each student with the same information. I looked in the custom pages mgt folders to make sure that an old customization wasn't in there, I don't see any files.
Thank you for your help.


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