Custom Reports Bundle Base

The Custom Reports Bundle is a collection of custom html reports and dashboards for PowerSchool. The content in this bundle has been contributed by several members of the PowerSchool customization community.

What's New in Version 4.2.1
Version 4.2.1 fixes an issue with states where state reporting is using a tab called "State Reporting" that they own instead of the built in tab called "State" that they also fully controlled. The method of insertion was causing duplication of some items. 4.2.1 fixes that. This version also introduces the ability to localize report names and descriptions so you can change the name of reports without customizing them. This feature works but will not be rolled into the other reports today (8/25/2016) but will instead be rolled out over time. More on how to use this feature will be coming soon. A basic template for creating a new CRB report has been added to work with Blue Steel CPM (BSCPM). This template may be updated in the future but is meant as a starting point for now.


  1. Click on the System Reports link on the left side of the homepage
  2. A new tab for Custom Reports will show, click that.
  3. All reports that it has gone and "found" will show. if you've installed more click the "Refresh Reports" link at the bottom and it'll go find the new ones. After a period of time it will automatically go and find them anyways.
  4. If you delete a report (from CPM or custom/web_root) then click the "Refresh Reports" button again to have the system remove that report from the list.
  5. If you prefer the non-dynamic list click on the Static/Dynamic button at the bottom
  6. If you've already click on the static list and want to see the dynamic list then go to the PDS Setup page and change from static to dynamic.

What's Different in 4.0

  • Custom SQL Reports tab has been removed. We are working with Matt Freund who has taken over the SQL Reports project so that we will not overwrite each other. As such maintaining a built in version and a separate stand alone version seemed inefficient. Now if you have the CRB you can still install SQLReports without overwriting anything.
  • Each piece of the CRB is now its own plugin. For users who prefer the custom/web_root method of customizing there isn't anything different for you. But for schools who use Custom Page Management (CPM) you now can install the reports as plugins. This adds a huge benefit in that the plugin can be disabled at any time and completely removed. If you were to remove the old custom reports bundle you'd have to delete hundreds of files one at a time. Plugins adds the same ability to mass delete files that custom/web_root users have always had. If you don't like the reports in a particular tab simply delete the plugin and it's gone.
  • All reports are now in the /admin/reports/CRB folder. If you have the old reports bundle and are using CPM you might know that you'll have to delete all the files first in order to install the same files as a plugin. There were so many files that it was going to be a huge task for any CPM users. Matt Freund from had the great idea to put them all in a subfolder so that you didn't have to delete all those files in order to update. It's was a small task for us but hopefully will save you a lot of time.
  • CRB now looks more like PowerSchool. For the last few versions of PowerSchool users have struggled to fix the colors of the tabs. Other visual aspects made it clear to the user that they weren't in PowerSchool anymore. For many schools that's confusing so we've made it look just like PowerSchool. Tabs are now PowerSchool tabs, filters are now PowerSchool filters, popups are now PowerSchool popups. We hope this will help maintain a look that your users are used to and allow us to keep up with changes as Pearson updates the PowerSchool user interface.
  • Submit buttons are now pause. This might be strange to most of you but some of you have seen this already. The submit button allowed you to choose your filters and then submit them for processing. The pause checkbox does that as well, but with the checkbox "un-paused" you can make small changes and the report refreshes instantly. So if you are looking at a single student's information in one of the attendance reports you can switch students on the fly. If you have many changes to make in the filters simply check the box again and the report will hold off on processing until you are done. This is a change that was requested by a few schools for reports we built specifically for them. When testing with other schools they liked it so we through it into all of them.
  • Page fragments are now used instead of customizing a PowerSchool page. This means we can inject our changes into the page (like the reports tabs) without having to modify the file directly allowing you to see any changes that Pearson makes to PowerSchool without having to merge the old to the new. For an example think of the giant white space many of you saw on the home page after a powerschool update. Pearson made a change and now your custom home page looked strange. It was an easy fix but you had to search to find out why it happened. Now with page fragments you can customize that same home page without the worry that a Pearson update will cause your page to look strange. This is a very good thing and we are updating any customized PowerSchool page to a page fragment to make your lives easier.

Temporary Changes

  • Custom Dashboards has been temporarily removed. This will be added back when it can be updated to a more modern look and feel. At this point the only things published are the ones we've updated for the new look.
  • Incidents tab has been removed until those reports are updated
  • Logs tab has been removed until those reports are updated
  • Scheduling tab has been removed until those reports are updated
  • The export to csv, pdf, etc buttons have been removed temporarily. We hope to put them back in soon but to speed things up we left them off for this release.

Upgrade instructions
If you have the old custom reports bundle you will need to do a few things to get ready to update. 1st, and most important, is to delete the /admin/reports/reporttabs.html. If you've added your own custom tabs there then simply remove the ones from the bundle as we will inject them using page fragments now and no longer need to customize that page directly. Those tabs include Custom Reports, Custom Dashboards, Custom SQL Reports. Custom SQL Reports will now be handled by SQLReports plugin and not the reports bundle. Matt currently has the update ready for you to import.
If you created your own reports for the reports bundle to have you will need to move them to the /admin/reports/CRB folder. A custom grading report would be moved from the /admin/reports/grading folder to the /admin/reports/CRB/grading folder. This was done so that those with the old version didn't have to delete all those extra files.

Why are there two versions of the base?
PowerSchool 7.9 and 7.10 allow us to insert the tabs via page fragment. We came up with a way to insert it that wasn't efficient but worked. 7.11 gives us the efficient way to insert the tabs. If you are on 7.11 or higher use the regular base. However we've provided a version for 7.9 and 7.10 users as well so you can still update now even if you aren't ready to update to 7.11 just yet. Thank the Pearson team for adding in the necessary code in 7.11 to allow for this more efficient page fragment. We told them how we were doing it and why and they made the necessary change to allow for the easier method.

If I install the 7_10 version will I have to delete a ton of files after updating to 7.11?
No. That's the beauty of the plugins. Simply delete the old base plugin and then install the newer base plugin. You don't need to update any of your report files as they will work for both versions of the base. If you are using custom/web_root you will simply go to your wildcards folder and delete the admin_footer_css.crb.content.footer.txt file and add in the /admin/reports/ file from the new base. All other files are identical.

What comes in the base?
The base is just the setup files. It's the least common denominator that you would need to run any of the reports. It includes the page fragment for the tabs, the setup files for the dynamic tabs, and any images or stylesheets needed throughout the bundle. If you only install the base you will only have 1 tab, the setup tab. Other tabs can be added with other plugins.

Do I need the base?
YES! Without the base you won't see the new reports you're adding with the other plugins.

Should I delete the old files from a previous version?
You can if you want. Leaving them there does create confusion over which you should be looking at. But you can delete them at your own pace since the new bundle files are not located in the same place.

The old bundle had files I had to install by hand. What files do I need to install by hand now?
None so far. We aim to keep it as clean as possible without any files that don't install with the plugin. This wasn't a problem for custom/web_root users but it was for CPM users and we listened and are trying to make it as easy as possible for you.

I use CPM but have never installed a plugin. What do I need to do?
Pearson has made this really easy. Note these directions will only work if your account has permissions to run them.

  1. Click on System from the left menu
  2. Click on System Settings from the center menu
  3. Click on Plugin Management Configuration
  4. Click Install
  5. Click Choose File and navigate to where you downloaded the plugin
  6. Click Install
  7. Now your plugin is installed but not active. Click the empty checkbox next to the plugin you just installed.
  8. Click yes from the popup.

More instruction can be found here

What is the Sponsor all about?
Many times someone will pay to build a customization and then donate it back to the community. Several of the reports in the reports bundle were donated by schools who originally paid to have them built. It was their way of giving back. The update from the old bundle to the new took A LOT of time and is still taking a lot of time. Some of this time was done off hours but some was done on hours. As a result we are listing Computer Logic Group as a sponsor of the upgrade as they donated hours towards this update project.

Enough already, where are the other plugins?
Yes, this was a lot of information. Here are links to the other reports. Note that you can also search for them using keywords such as Attendance or Enrollment from the search box on the left

Change History
V 4.2.1 - Released 2016-08-25

  • Fixed issue introduced by PowerSchool state reporting that duplicates the tabs
  • Added functionality to localize report name/descriptions. Actual localization tags not added yet.
  • Added template for use with BSCPM

Change History
V 4.1.4 - Released 2015-07-27

  • Added files to use with export buttons
  • Moved common files from /scripts and /images to /pds/crb

V 4.0.1 - Released 2014-04-02

  • Removed 4 unused files from /admin/javascript folder. This should help people updating from the old CRB
  • Updated the customreports_static.html file to use the new css file rather than the old one
Computer Logic Group


Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Tim Scoff
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik
Michael Moore
Dean Dahlvang
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Web Based Report
Custom Reports Bundle Setup tab
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Hello Team,

I've installed the CRB base for PS 7.11 vis CPM. It seems to have worked as I can switch between Dynamic menus and Static menus. However while I can see the "old" custom reports in a section like Incident Management, I now only see 1 Attendance report in the Dynamic menu mode, while I continue to see all of the "old" attendance reports in the static menu mode.

Also the colors on the dynamic menu mode are odd. The tabs are light grey and the text is white. Next to impossible to read. And there is a black border around the entire page. Im guessing Ive neglected to do something but Im not seeing it.

Finally, there is an executable in the images folder that I can't upload via CPM. Does it need to be there? Is there a trick to this?

I'm seeing the graphic color issue on both Safari and Chrome.

Let me know what you think.

- Sez

We are really missing the Incident and Log reports, any idea when those might be available?

We are, too....

We haven't updated our other Districts to the new CRB because of this. However, our new districts have the new CRB. I thought I saw someone had posted a modification that could be done to the old Log and Incident Reports, but I cannot find it now.

Any status on these before I start working on a fix?

Thank you!!
Renee Bailey

We installed the Custom Reports Bundle Base 4.0.1 on Friday. All of the reports are wonderful. The only problem we are having is that all of the Incident reports just keep saying Loading....... and never finish. I can see the report behind the loading, but I can't print or copy and paste or anything. Is there a solution for this. Thanks for your help.

Sarah Cleveland, M.Ed.
PowerSchool Coordinator
District 5 Schools of Spartanburg County

hi Jason. I installed CRB 4.0.1 using plugins after I upgraded to Powerschool 8. I deleted all the reports from the old CRB when I did that, as the instructions directed. Everything works great! Thanks for this customization!

I find I need some of the reports in the 'old' custom reports bundle, specifically fees_by_type.html. I still have the page saved, but I don't know how to install it into the new CRB, or if I can do even do that.

Can you give me some direction?

Joy Filler, Wilton CT Public Schools

Joy Filler
Wilton Public Schools, Wilton CT USA

it says "invalid plugin file type. Select a new file."
We are 8.1.0 and are hosted. I deleted the reporttabs.html. I have installed plugins recently and they worked. But when I install the zipped, I get the error.
Any suggestions on how I make it work? I loved the earlier version of CRB!

finally got the plugin to install by using Chrome instead of Firefox, like a previous comment suggested. I installed the Zip file using CPM under Plugin management. But even though I got a message that the plugin was installed correctly, the Custom Report Tab doesn't show up. I customized the reporttab.html, too, like another suggestion--didn't change anything. I haven't installed any of the other plugins--grading, misc, etc.

Now that scheduling season has begun is there any time frame on when the scheduling reports might be available?

did i miss something ?
in Custom report. all i can see is PDS set up..

niti9999, did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the same problem but can't seem to figure it out.

I installed the latest package today on a school and found three links on the first System Reports tab did not work: One Stop Attendance, Missing Attendance, and Attendance Frequency. It just said "page not found" but when I looked in the CRB folder on the server those three pages were there.
Then I looked at the URL for those two reports, and there was a missing portion of the link. I ended up going in to PS Administrator and editing the URL on the runreports.html page - I had to add /CRB/ after the /reports - so now the URL to Missing Attendance looks like this:

I did the same thing to One Stop Attendance and Attendance Frequency Report - now all works well.

Bonita Coleman

Not sure how to describe this. Some of the report elements have a red box around them. See screenshot

I installed the plugin version base and several packages, but had no "Rescan Reports" button nor access to the Dynamic/Static setting on the Setup tab.
If you are a full administrator but encounter this, be aware the customreports.html page that has those functions is coded based on an assumption that system admins are in Security Group 9. If, like me, you inherited a system where just about everyone under the sun was put in Group 9 and had to create a DIFFERENT "can do everything" group for yourself while carrying out a massive security pruning and will want to customize the page with that group number instead so YOU can access the settings!

Linda Brock
Student Information Systems Specialist
Hampton, CT

We are missing those scheduling reports this year. Are there plans to add them to the plugin method?
thank you, Carolyn

We'll also need the updated 8.xx version of scheduling reports. Is there an ETA on release? Thanks.

hi - we use the stored grades report. The HS gives a grade of an F+, is there a way to add this to the drop-down list to search by?

Thank you!

Can we move the old scheduling tab into the CRB folder, after upgrading to 4.0 it no longer has the schedule tab and we use those reports.

Margaret Hopkins

One of the coolest features of the older version was the ability to sort any report by any column. Are there any plans to plug the DataTables javascript library back in to CRB?

Randy Rowe
Sr. Applications Analyst
Topeka Public Schools

I concur. This was one of the best features that the CRB provided. I want to add my vote to add the DataTables javascript library back into CRB. That sort function was awesome. We relied heavily on it. Please bring it back.


benjamin solomon
district technology director
a.w.brown-fellowship leadership academy
dallas, tx 75237

I believe I installed the base and other parts of the bundle. I don't see them - what am I missing? Do I need to do something else?

I see step 6 is: If you've already click on the static list and want to see the dynamic list then go to the PDS Setup page and change from static to dynamic.

How do I change from static to dynamic. I found the PDSSetup.html page.

Dave Tchozewski
Director of Information Technology
Kenowa Hills Public Schools
2325 Four Mile Rd. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
(616) 965-4023

Is there an update as to the availability of the schedule, logs, & incident reports? Also the column sorting was a great feature. Thanks for all the work put into this!

Margaret Hopkins

Is there a way to have only certain users access certain tabs? I am not having much success and finding each report has to be made unavailable if you don't want users to look at them.


I changed from static to dynamic and now I get nothing.

We have PowerSchool 8.3 version and I downloaded this plug in and it says that it has been enabled but when I click on system reports to find it the extra tab isnt there. I had the old 4.0 reports bundle before and had no problems. What am I doing wrong??

After installing the CRB Base + other reports, I cannot get the reports to run. All I get is: Searching for your results. We use the web_root to customize. Any ideas?


We use the Student Attendance List in the CRB for eligibilty reports. Is there a way to only select the attendance codes you want? The Absent Codes include Excused Absences that we don't need in the report. It would be great if I could use CMMD and only select the ones I want or if I could create a category like Absent Codes that has the codes I need. Is that possible?


I have the CRB 4.0.1. I installed the base through CPM, added the additional plugins for reports. They are all version 4.0. I want to update CRB to 4.1. I need to ensure I understand the update install instructions. I need to go to CPM - admin/reports/reporttabs.html and delete the "reporttabs.html" file. Then I need to delete the 4.0 base plugin and then install the 4.1 base.
Is this correct.


I installed CRB 4.0.1 with out any problems but when I go to system reports and look for them they are not there. Does anyone have any idea why they wouldn't be showing up? I am on version 8.3

Hello team,

I dont mean to be dense, but are there instructions on how to install the CRB base? I see upgrade comments, but what about a clean install? Where do I start? Im now on a hosted environment, and Im not sure how to proceed.

Let me know what you think.

- Sez

Hello team,

In searching for the best way to install CRB in PS 9.x I found the following instructions for an earlier version. My question is, does this still need to be done? Is there a specific folder to upload the zip file to? Is there a reason there isn't an installation summary somewhere? Im not even finding instructions in a Google search. Any information would be helpful, and I can't believe Im the only one needing help on this.

Having said that, is the following still necessary?

Install Instructions - Custom Page Management:

To upload an entire zip you’ll have to be on PowerSchool 7. Then the steps are as follows:

Switch to District Office.
Use one of the 2 methods below to get to the import/export screen. I would click the export button on the screen listed below to make a backup of your current customizations so you have a backup copy.
A. PS Administrator->Custom Pages->Import/Export
B. District->Localization Administration->Import/Export Customizations
Export the current customizations as a backup.
After you have done that, click browse and select the PDS (or other customization) zip and then click import.

NOTE - The following steps will need to be done if using CPM, because of a bug in PowerSchool, to enable all the bundle features.
1. In CPM navigate to \scripts\tabletools\ click Add then Create Folder with the name swf, if it doesn't already exist.
2. Upload copy_cvs_xls_pdf.swf and copy_cvs_xls.swf from the \scripts\tabletools\swf folder from the unzipped download.
3. navigate to \images\css\theme\crm-css\ click Add then Create Folder with the name images, if it doesn't already exist.
4. Upload all the files from the \images\css\theme\crm-css\images folder from the unzipped download.

Try going here if you are starting fresh.
Especially, if you are in a Hosted environment, you definitely want to use the plug-in method:

Melissa A Dubbs

I just upgraded PS to We are discovering that some of the Bundles we have installed may not be working. I have
Custom Reports Bundle - Attendance 4.0.2
Custom Reports Bundle - Enrollment 4.0.0
Custom Reports Bundle - Grading 4.0.0
Custom Reports Bundle - Misc 4.0.0
Custom Reports Bundle - Security 4.0.0
Custom Reports Bundle Base 4.0.1

Should these work on my PS version? thanks

Shannon Lee
PowerSchool Administrator

I am on a very very old version of the Custom Reports Bundle and am trying to update it. I have downloaded and installed the base plugin and several of the sections (attendance, enrollment, etc). I have enabled the plugins but everything still looks like it did before in System Reports. I see in the instructions that I need to delete /admin/report/reporttabs.html. I went to Custom Page Management and that is not code that we had customized so I can't delete it from within CPM. I went to the server to one of the app nodes and found what I thought was the original file and renamed it to reporttabsOLD.html and then repeated on the other app node but that didn't do anything either. What am I missing? I am on version

Jason - is there an update where these options are now available. Or are we able to add this with some additional code? Thanks!

Installed CRB 4.1.4 as a pluggin in my server and enabled it, however when I click on the custom reports tab, it only shows PDS setup and even after installing the additional pluggins, and enabling them, it does not load. Also, the only button that show on screen is open links in a new tab: on/off.

Please help.

I am hoping someone here can help me uninstall the custom report bundle. Please direct me to documentation or help me with instructions. Thank you!

The above comment should have read Custom Report Bundle

How can I use the New Custom Page Plug Ins and use the Old Log Reports until the New Coming Soon Log Reports are available?

Teresa Plumlee

Where is the Refresh Reports button? I can't find it. Also, on the PDS Setup page we set ours to dynamic but if we want to change that setting how is that done? That is not a clickable button or dropdown. I'm in District Office.


Hello, I upgraded a few months ago from 3.4 to the newest CRB. After that, some reports did not run right and there was a double tab. Yesterday I took out 4.1 version and then went in by hand and cleared any other customization with CRB. I looked at the old packages and found all of those files. After that was done, I reinstalled CRB 4.1 and all the reports back in. I still get the double tabs. I am hosted so can't look in the custom\web_root BUT I have done before transferring the old customizations to CPM. I just put in a TC asking for them to look in that folder JUST in case something was in there. I have looked at the reporttab.html and it is not mod'ed at all. So wondering what else to look for. Any idea's??

Gary Warner
Adams Central Public Schools
Hastings Nebraska

I'm seeing a difference in the look of the custom report bundle tabs between our old PowerSchool version 9.2.1 and the newly upgraded 9.2.3. In 9.2.3 the 'Custom Reports' tab is doubled and if you click on it then all the System Report tabs are doubled as well as our attendance, enrollment, grading, misc and setup tabs are to the far right.

Will there be an update soon to fix?

Patt Goerke, Data Manager
Wauwatosa School District
12121 W. North Ave.
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

I installed/enabled the 4.1.4 plug-in but now have three "Custom Reports" tabs and no reports from which to select. I deleted all the old CRB pages but now worried I deleted something I should not have! Any ideas?

Andrea Maupin
Bellevue Public Schools

I did some digging on PSUG and found that Matt had posted a fix for those of us in Nebraska (and Tennessee) getting triple Custom Reports tabs and double rows of tabs! Thanks, Matt!!!

Andrea Maupin
Bellevue Public Schools

Hello, can you please share the link where you found the information that Matt posted.

Yadi Caviness
Shelby County Schools

After installing basic I see two rows of tabs. I'm at PSUG can I meet with you?

I have just installed the new CRB Base and the Attendance Plug-in. I am finding that there is no Submit button on any of the reports. I don't see a Pause btton or a Submit button on any of the reports.
Any assistance is appreciated.

Bob Owens
Vergennes, VT

When I attempt to install the plugin, I get the following error message: No plugin definition file 'plugin.xml' found in archive

This was an issue with the server that has been fixed. As of last night (10/3/2016) the site downloads were correct.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist


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