Custom Reports Bundle Base

The Custom Reports Bundle is a collection of custom html reports and dashboards for PowerSchool. The content in this bundle has been contributed by several members of the PowerSchool customization community.

What's New in Version 4.2.1
Version 4.2.1 fixes an issue with states where state reporting is using a tab called "State Reporting" that they own instead of the built in tab called "State" that they also fully controlled. The method of insertion was causing duplication of some items. 4.2.1 fixes that. This version also introduces the ability to localize report names and descriptions so you can change the name of reports without customizing them. This feature works but will not be rolled into the other reports today (8/25/2016) but will instead be rolled out over time. More on how to use this feature will be coming soon. A basic template for creating a new CRB report has been added to work with Blue Steel CPM (BSCPM). This template may be updated in the future but is meant as a starting point for now.


  1. Click on the System Reports link on the left side of the homepage
  2. A new tab for Custom Reports will show, click that.
  3. All reports that it has gone and "found" will show. if you've installed more click the "Refresh Reports" link at the bottom and it'll go find the new ones. After a period of time it will automatically go and find them anyways.
  4. If you delete a report (from CPM or custom/web_root) then click the "Refresh Reports" button again to have the system remove that report from the list.
  5. If you prefer the non-dynamic list click on the Static/Dynamic button at the bottom
  6. If you've already click on the static list and want to see the dynamic list then go to the PDS Setup page and change from static to dynamic.

What's Different in 4.0

  • Custom SQL Reports tab has been removed. We are working with Matt Freund who has taken over the SQL Reports project so that we will not overwrite each other. As such maintaining a built in version and a separate stand alone version seemed inefficient. Now if you have the CRB you can still install SQLReports without overwriting anything.
  • Each piece of the CRB is now its own plugin. For users who prefer the custom/web_root method of customizing there isn't anything different for you. But for schools who use Custom Page Management (CPM) you now can install the reports as plugins. This adds a huge benefit in that the plugin can be disabled at any time and completely removed. If you were to remove the old custom reports bundle you'd have to delete hundreds of files one at a time. Plugins adds the same ability to mass delete files that custom/web_root users have always had. If you don't like the reports in a particular tab simply delete the plugin and it's gone.
  • All reports are now in the /admin/reports/CRB folder. If you have the old reports bundle and are using CPM you might know that you'll have to delete all the files first in order to install the same files as a plugin. There were so many files that it was going to be a huge task for any CPM users. Matt Freund from had the great idea to put them all in a subfolder so that you didn't have to delete all those files in order to update. It's was a small task for us but hopefully will save you a lot of time.
  • CRB now looks more like PowerSchool. For the last few versions of PowerSchool users have struggled to fix the colors of the tabs. Other visual aspects made it clear to the user that they weren't in PowerSchool anymore. For many schools that's confusing so we've made it look just like PowerSchool. Tabs are now PowerSchool tabs, filters are now PowerSchool filters, popups are now PowerSchool popups. We hope this will help maintain a look that your users are used to and allow us to keep up with changes as Pearson updates the PowerSchool user interface.
  • Submit buttons are now pause. This might be strange to most of you but some of you have seen this already. The submit button allowed you to choose your filters and then submit them for processing. The pause checkbox does that as well, but with the checkbox "un-paused" you can make small changes and the report refreshes instantly. So if you are looking at a single student's information in one of the attendance reports you can switch students on the fly. If you have many changes to make in the filters simply check the box again and the report will hold off on processing until you are done. This is a change that was requested by a few schools for reports we built specifically for them. When testing with other schools they liked it so we through it into all of them.
  • Page fragments are now used instead of customizing a PowerSchool page. This means we can inject our changes into the page (like the reports tabs) without having to modify the file directly allowing you to see any changes that Pearson makes to PowerSchool without having to merge the old to the new. For an example think of the giant white space many of you saw on the home page after a powerschool update. Pearson made a change and now your custom home page looked strange. It was an easy fix but you had to search to find out why it happened. Now with page fragments you can customize that same home page without the worry that a Pearson update will cause your page to look strange. This is a very good thing and we are updating any customized PowerSchool page to a page fragment to make your lives easier.

Temporary Changes

  • Custom Dashboards has been temporarily removed. This will be added back when it can be updated to a more modern look and feel. At this point the only things published are the ones we've updated for the new look.
  • Incidents tab has been removed until those reports are updated
  • Logs tab has been removed until those reports are updated
  • Scheduling tab has been removed until those reports are updated
  • The export to csv, pdf, etc buttons have been removed temporarily. We hope to put them back in soon but to speed things up we left them off for this release.

Upgrade instructions
If you have the old custom reports bundle you will need to do a few things to get ready to update. 1st, and most important, is to delete the /admin/reports/reporttabs.html. If you've added your own custom tabs there then simply remove the ones from the bundle as we will inject them using page fragments now and no longer need to customize that page directly. Those tabs include Custom Reports, Custom Dashboards, Custom SQL Reports. Custom SQL Reports will now be handled by SQLReports plugin and not the reports bundle. Matt currently has the update ready for you to import.
If you created your own reports for the reports bundle to have you will need to move them to the /admin/reports/CRB folder. A custom grading report would be moved from the /admin/reports/grading folder to the /admin/reports/CRB/grading folder. This was done so that those with the old version didn't have to delete all those extra files.

Why are there two versions of the base?
PowerSchool 7.9 and 7.10 allow us to insert the tabs via page fragment. We came up with a way to insert it that wasn't efficient but worked. 7.11 gives us the efficient way to insert the tabs. If you are on 7.11 or higher use the regular base. However we've provided a version for 7.9 and 7.10 users as well so you can still update now even if you aren't ready to update to 7.11 just yet. Thank the Pearson team for adding in the necessary code in 7.11 to allow for this more efficient page fragment. We told them how we were doing it and why and they made the necessary change to allow for the easier method.

If I install the 7_10 version will I have to delete a ton of files after updating to 7.11?
No. That's the beauty of the plugins. Simply delete the old base plugin and then install the newer base plugin. You don't need to update any of your report files as they will work for both versions of the base. If you are using custom/web_root you will simply go to your wildcards folder and delete the admin_footer_css.crb.content.footer.txt file and add in the /admin/reports/ file from the new base. All other files are identical.

What comes in the base?
The base is just the setup files. It's the least common denominator that you would need to run any of the reports. It includes the page fragment for the tabs, the setup files for the dynamic tabs, and any images or stylesheets needed throughout the bundle. If you only install the base you will only have 1 tab, the setup tab. Other tabs can be added with other plugins.

Do I need the base?
YES! Without the base you won't see the new reports you're adding with the other plugins.

Should I delete the old files from a previous version?
You can if you want. Leaving them there does create confusion over which you should be looking at. But you can delete them at your own pace since the new bundle files are not located in the same place.

The old bundle had files I had to install by hand. What files do I need to install by hand now?
None so far. We aim to keep it as clean as possible without any files that don't install with the plugin. This wasn't a problem for custom/web_root users but it was for CPM users and we listened and are trying to make it as easy as possible for you.

I use CPM but have never installed a plugin. What do I need to do?
Pearson has made this really easy. Note these directions will only work if your account has permissions to run them.

  1. Click on System from the left menu
  2. Click on System Settings from the center menu
  3. Click on Plugin Management Configuration
  4. Click Install
  5. Click Choose File and navigate to where you downloaded the plugin
  6. Click Install
  7. Now your plugin is installed but not active. Click the empty checkbox next to the plugin you just installed.
  8. Click yes from the popup.

More instruction can be found here

What is the Sponsor all about?
Many times someone will pay to build a customization and then donate it back to the community. Several of the reports in the reports bundle were donated by schools who originally paid to have them built. It was their way of giving back. The update from the old bundle to the new took A LOT of time and is still taking a lot of time. Some of this time was done off hours but some was done on hours. As a result we are listing Computer Logic Group as a sponsor of the upgrade as they donated hours towards this update project.

Enough already, where are the other plugins?
Yes, this was a lot of information. Here are links to the other reports. Note that you can also search for them using keywords such as Attendance or Enrollment from the search box on the left

Change History
V 4.2.1 - Released 2016-08-25

  • Fixed issue introduced by PowerSchool state reporting that duplicates the tabs
  • Added functionality to localize report name/descriptions. Actual localization tags not added yet.
  • Added template for use with BSCPM

Change History
V 4.1.4 - Released 2015-07-27

  • Added files to use with export buttons
  • Moved common files from /scripts and /images to /pds/crb

V 4.0.1 - Released 2014-04-02

  • Removed 4 unused files from /admin/javascript folder. This should help people updating from the old CRB
  • Updated the customreports_static.html file to use the new css file rather than the old one
Computer Logic Group


Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Tim Scoff
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik
Michael Moore
Dean Dahlvang
Report Type: 
Web Based Report
Custom Reports Bundle Setup tab
CPM Import Friendly: 


I installed the new Custom Reports Bundle Base and the Extentions.

I deleted the reportstab.htm page.

When I click on System Reports, I still have 2 tabs which say "Custom Reports" The first one takes me to the new plugins and works fine. The old one goes to the old page report bundle.

How do I get rid of the 2nd Custom Reports Tab

A couple of reasons this might happen:
1. you have CPM on but host your own server and the old version is in the custom/web_root

2. your server has the old version of the page cached and you checked before the 5 minute wait period for custom pages (shouldn't be the case with CPM but sometimes I see it happen)

Do either of those apply?

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Yes I host my own server. Where can I find a list of all the old files so I can delete them off the server.


Check your previous download. Or you can download the old version of the reports bundle here

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

I do not host my own server but I can't figure out why I still have two Custom Reports tabs. I have looked at the old version and made sure there are no pages hiding and I still can't figure out why. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Please help.

Did you ever find a solution to this? We are experiencing the same thing and I have tried all the suggested solutions with no luck.

Did you ever find a solution to this? We are experiencing the same thing and I have tried all the suggested solutions with no luck.

Last year (14-15 year) I was able to get rid of the old custom report bundle and install the new via the plugins. It has been working beautifully. Thank you. Last fall, Arizona released a plugin for AzEDS Reporting. Ever since then, I have two Custom Reports tabs. I have updated the base, uninstall and reinstall, etc. No luck. What am I missing?


Allison Haws
Technology Director
Fort Thomas Unified School District

Hi Jason,

I have deleted the /admin/reports/reporttabs.html file from CPM and when I try and do the import of the base zip plugin file I get the following message.

Errors were found during plugin installation.

Invalid plugin file type. Select a new file.

When I look at the PSJ_runtime log I see the following message

TLIST_SQL Error: Unauthorized tlist_sql detected and not executed. tlist_sql query: ~(gpv.query)

I did try installing the plugin on a server that has never had the reports bundled installed and was able to load it.

Any suggestions?



Update: I tried using a different computer and got this message

Errors were found during plugin installation.

Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/admin/javascript/verification.js
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/admin/javascript/printable.css
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/admin/javascript/sorttable.js
Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/admin/javascript/extra.css

So users may need to go into CPM and remove those files to get the plugin installed.


I've not seen that. Normally when I can't get a plugin to install it tells me a file already exists and I need to delete it. That error you're getting is not something I've seen before. The fact that you can install it on another server indicates something is wrong with that particular instance other than the reports bundle. Especially since it's saying its an invalid plugin type.

Have you tried installing the new version of PowerTools now that it's a plugin? Did that one work? Do any of the other files work for the CRB?

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Thanks, that's the kind of info I need so I can add it to the directions. I thought only the one file needed to be removed but I forgot I left those 4 files in. Now I'm just trying to see if I even use them or if I should just remove them and update the plugin...

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

I looked and none of the files were in use so I updated the plugins so that they don't require this. If you're reading this and had already downloaded and it worked don't worry about the new download as it only removes those files. If you previously had an issue and want to try again just download the plugin again and use the new one. You'll notice the version changed from 4.0 to 4.0.1.

Thanks again Shannon

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist


I just installed the latest version on my test server. However, when I go to run a report there is not submit button. Not sure what's going on. No errors or anything.


Figured out my issue, it's all about the pause checkbox. No more submit button.


Yes, I did mention that in that long blurb on the base page. It's one of the changes that was made.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Thank you to the contributors to this project! I am very much looking forward to installing it!

One question: I typically don't like using CPM, but I like the idea of the modularity of the separate plugins. Can I turn on CPM, install everything, and then turn CPM back off without losing functionality?

Jodi Perdue

No. And if you're using custom/web_root then you're not gaining anything from the plugin anyways. It's functionality you already had. But if you install with CPM you must keep CPM on. With CPM on you can still use the custom/web_root though. But all of your wildcards and anything in the /admin/faculty/facultypages or /admin/students/studentpages folders will have to be in CPM as well.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

This report seems to be pulling from last years data. Is there anyway to set the date parameters for this report.



That's the old reports bundle and you posted to the new one so it took a minute to realize what you're talking about. I haven't updated the incidents reports for the new bundle which is how I know you aren't talking about the new release yet. Until I do I can't really answer this question as I didn't create that report.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist


Thank you. I did find another report that did give me date parameters and the correct listing.

Thanks again,

I installed the base 4.0.1 and a few of the reports and enabled the plugins, but no change is seen on the reports page. Any ideas on what could be the problem? My system is hosted by Pearson, I see the files in the CRB folder and the file, and see no reason why it does not work.

*edited to add solution to problem*
So this is as strange a thing as I have seen. If I simply customize reporttabs.html with absolutely no changes to the page, everything works fine. It is totally illogical, but I can turn the custom reports tab off/on by customizing/reverting the reporttabs.html page.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Sounds like you've got a version of the reporttabs.html page in your custom/web_root. Even if you're hosted by pearson that is still possible. I have many Pearson hosted customers who have been customizing for so long it was before CPM existed. When they were turned on the old custom/web_root on Pearson's side was never cleared. Many many customers with this problem in the past but I haven't had any recently. Might be your issue though. Remember, with CPM on PowerSchool looks first at CPM for a custom page but then it still goes to custom/web_root and checks there if it didn't find one in CPM. So likely you have a custom/web_root version of reporttabs.html.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Though I am not sure how the file would have been placed there, that does make sense as the only reasonable solution. I'll work on getting the custom/web_root cleared of the offending file and confirm it worked (or scramble for another idea) here once that is done.

Well, no file was in custom/web_root so it must be something else. It's a bug somewhere, but who knows where or in what system. At least I have an easy work-around for the problem.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

How do I add the Base using the webroot? Do I need to create a CRB folder?

All the files are zipped up the same way they should go into the custom/web_root. When you unzip the files you'll see them in the same path that you are to put them. If a folder doesn't exist, create it.

Installing Plugins

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist


I ran into the same issue on installation of the base, but used your solution to rectify the problem. Thank you for sharing your solution.

Maurice du Preez

Anyone having issues with the health portal since uploading the new bundle?
Don't know if its a coincidence or not so wanted to reach out to others about it.
My nurses can't input any new records into the Health page for visits, immunizations or certifications because the submit button is now grayed out.. I got the upgrade to 7.11 a few days ago and all worked fine then. The only thing I did was upload the new bundle yesterday and the health page stopped working today. I restarted my server to no avail. I also disabled the bundle plugin prior to restarting the server and that didn't make a
Any light you could shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

Karen Jardel
Student Information System Coordinator
Ocean Schools


The reports bundle doesn't touch anything in the students folder. In fact it doesn't update any page at all, it uses the insertion points to install links via plugin. Since you just recently upgraded to 7.11 I want to ask if you have the 7.9/7.10 version of the base or the 7.11 version. If you have the 7.9/10 version please delete it and try the 7.11 version as it doesn't insert the tabs via a wildcard.

With all that being said, if you turned off the plugin and it still doesn't work I think that basically eliminates that as the issue. Sorry to not have more answers for you.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Installed the base successfully, and all the additional plugins as well with no issues,
I did click enable on all also;
and did delete the /admin/reports/reporttabs.html file (customized page)

??? the Original Page for REPORTABS is still there, did I also have to delete that one?

My CUSTOM REPORTS tab does show, but clicking only gets me the PDS Setup report, but nothing else.

Any ideas?

Charlie Doud
Washington Twp Public Schools, NJ


The original one will stay there as it's a base page in PowerSchool. Your problem is that I didn't give enough information in my write up about this. When you add reports the page goes and finds them dynamically. Click the "Refresh Reports" link at the bottom and it'll go find your other reports.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Morning Jason,
thanks for getting back, I see them now, fantastic.
Really like the plugin process, really so much easier.
Thanks again

I don't have the "Refresh Reports" link at the bottom of the page. We did not have the older version of CRB so I installed the plug-in and now have the Custom Reports tab. When I click on the tab the only think on the page is a setup tab and Custom Report Settings then links open in new tab: OFF.

I am attempting to download and install the Custom Reports Bundle for the first time. I am not finding the link for the install file in it's entirety. I downloaded a file via the link under Change History, but that doesn't seem to be the entire program. What am I missing?

The other plugins. If you scroll up just a little you'll see the links to the other plugins, 1 for each section. This way you choose which section(s) you want. It also allows us to update just 1 small section without having to redo the entire CRB for a spelling mistake or a missing script on 1 page.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

OK I'm still missing something. I have installed and enabled 'Custom Reports Bundle Base' and the 'Enrollment' plugin. When I go to System Reports, I don't have a tab for Custom Reports. I should note that I have also installed 'sqlReports4' and that tab is showing.

How long ago did you install sqlReports4? I know Matt has released newer versions that dynamically populate the tabs and don't customize the reporttabs.html page. But if you have an older version it might not have the injection point and therefore wouldn't have the place CRB needs to inject the tab. Easiest way to check, go to CPM and see if the /admin/reports/reporttabs.html page is blue. If it's blue it's customized and that's where I'd start. We've worked together to make sure we don't overwrite each other anymore but people with old version will still have problems. Sorry it's not a better answer.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

I just installed sqlReports 4 after I came back from PSUG-MW. So maybe a week ago. The reporttabs.html page was not customized. However, I did try Greg Myers suggestion to go to the reporttabs.html page and not change anything, but click on Customize and Publish. Still no change. I tried disabling sqlReports 4, but still no change. Any other suggestions??

For me the only way to get the Custom tab to show was customize the reporttabs.html page. I didn't need to change the page at all, just click customize, publish, and everything was fine. There is now sense to why it works that way for me, but it does. It was suggested a page in custom/web_root was the problem, but that was not the case.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Tried this but no change for me. I don't know if you saw my comment to Jason that I had just installed sqlReports4 for the first time and that tab is showing up. Just curious, if you also are using sqlReports4?

Are you on PowerSchool 7.11? If not are you sure you downloaded the correct version?

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

I just looked at the server for another school who was having the same problem and it's how they installed SQLReports. Matt has given you two methods and they choose the non-plugin method. They were a CPM school, not custom/web_root. They uploaded the files and then manually added the link to the reporttabs.html file. The plugin adds that tab automatically without customizing the file. I would imagine this is your problem too.

Even if you don't think you have cpm on please check PS Administrator and see if that file is customized.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

No, I do not use sqlReports4 at this time.

I don't know the cause of the problem, but I eliminated the possibility of anything in the file by stripping it to the minimum of:
<!-- BEGIN link for CPM tabs -->
<li class="~[if.~[gpv:repType]=customreports]selected[/if]" id="customreports"><a href="~[if.~[gpv:repType]=customreports]#[else]/admin/reports/CRB/customreports.html[/if]">Custom Reports</a></li>
<!-- END link for CPM tabs -->
I get the same behavior. (The ~[cust.insertion_point:report.tabs] is in the exact location desired for the Custom Reports tab so the Javascript for placement is superfluous.) I also tested moving the location of the Custom Reports tab along the list of tabs by adjusting the Java script and found it made no difference in behavior.

The only logical explanation for what I see is the system is pulling the tabs list from somewhere other than the standard reporttabs.html by default, but my customization of the page causes it to revert to using reporttabs.html. I'm leaning toward something in the localization system, but have not yet nailed it down.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Problems with the Custom tab not showing went away during a recent update to the state reports in NC. Very likely it was a special feature of PowerSchool implemented for all users in NC that cause the failure of the tab to show. Whatever the cause was, it works as expected now.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

I know that is temporarily on hold but the sooner the better!!! My staff was spoiled by this function. I am so excited to see this webpage being updated again....I have downloaded and tested some of the folders...Great jobs to everyone involved!!!

I have gone through the steps to copy the files to the custom/web_root folders and all of the necessary folders underneath of it. After installing the Base and the Grading plugin's, the tab is not showing up on the SystemR Reports page. I do have a sqlReports 4 tab and just recently upgraded to version 7.11. I am new to PowerSchool but I have not found any trace of the /admin/reports/reporttabs.html file. Any help would be greatly appreciated in getting this tab to show up.

Adam Wittenberger
Atlantic City Board of Educationi


You likely didn't install SQL reports as a plugin. Matt has 2 zip files within his download:

If you did the plugin version it would have installed the link for the new tab as a page fragment and everything would work perfectly. BUT if you installed it the other way not only did you have to go in and manually add in the new tab but you also now will have to manually remove the files in order to install as a plugin.

So my guess is that you have it installed in the old method instead of as a plugin. Your aren't the only one. I highly recommend converting to the plugin method as it's much much much easier to maintain going forward. It will require you to delete some files one at a time for now but that will be the last time you have to do that.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist


thanks for the info. I dont know who installed the SQL reports originally since I am still very new to PS and wasn't in charge of the initial implementation. I mainly just handled getting some autocomm/autosend stuff setup and run updates on the servers. I will shoot you an email and see if you are able to assist me.


Is there a suggested method for adding district-created tickets? Are they able to be easily appended like the other report packages? (add a folder, create a tab)

I'm noticing that anytime I have ANYTHING in the /admin/reports folder other than the CRB folder and its tabs file, it creates a rogue sqlReports 4 tab - even if the added file has nothing to do with sqlReports 4.

This piggybacks my previous question - how are we supposed to add custom reports now? Adding a custom version of the reporttabs.html file doesn't work as it has a permanent floating tab. Adding the code snippet for my new tab to the file has a recurring floating tab that appears fresh every time I load the CRB Custom Reports tab. It clears when I refresh reports, but comes back the next time I navigate in.

This is highly important as many of our districts have reports that are more complicated than a simple SQL report.

I've noticed this on one customer site as well. It's not happening on my test box but I'm using custom/web_root so I haven't ruled out that some processing difference is the cause yet. We'll figure out what is going on and work with Matt on making it so that the two customizations don't mess with each other. Hopefully that's all that's happening for you though. I notice refreshing the file list clears up the issue on the one server I'm seeing it on.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist


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